PicoShot NC-6M: Indium Corporation’s New Type 6 Jetting Solder Paste Hits Market

Indium Corporation is pleased to introduce a new jetting solder paste to join its PicoShot series of products. PicoShot NC-6M is a no-clean, halogen-free, Type 6 powder-size material specifically formulated to be compatible with Mycronic jetting systems and Mycronic’s “small dot” ejector.

Developed through a close, collaborative relationship with Mycronic, PicoShot NC-6M has been beta-tested at customer sites, demonstrating proven performance and advantages over comparative material. It is chemically compatible with Indium Corporation’s Indium8.9HF Series of solder pastes.

PicoShot NC-6M has been extensively tested to provide exceptional fine-dot jetting performance in its class. It delivers:

  • Smallest dot volume among pastes in its class: 1.6nl/dot, 230µm diameter
  • Precision deposit (x,y targeting)
  • Long usage (stencil life) >8 hours
  • Minimal satellites

“We are incredibly proud to introduce PicoShot NC-6M to the market because of its exceptional jetting performance and unique oxidation barrier, which promotes complete powder coalescence during reflow to eliminate graping and similar reflow issues,” said Indium Corporation Senior Product Specialist Evan Griffith. “It also provides exceptional electrical reliability, surpassing IPC standards for SIR and ECM.”

Utilizing a Type 6 solder powder and a SAC305 alloy, this material is inherently chemically compatible with Indium Corporation’s leading Indium8.9HF Series Solder Pastes. PicoShot NC-6M’s unique oxidation barrier promotes complete powder coalescence during reflow to eliminate graping and similar reflow issues.

The newest material to join the PicoShot family of products, PicoShot NC-6M, adds to the existing PicoShot portfolio of Type 5 powder, both no-clean and water-wash formulas. Additional innovations under the PicoShot umbrella are currently being developed by Mycronic.

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s jetting pastes, visit https://www.indium.com/products/solders/solder-paste/jetting-and-microdispensing/.