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Voice Codec Raspberry Pi

Ultra-Low Power Voice Codec Available to Raspberry Pi users

CML Microcircuits announced the EV6550DHAT, a Raspberry Pi Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) compatible evaluation and development board that makes the features...
Power Supply Design for Automotive Surround View Camera Systems

Renesas’s PMIC Simplifies Power Supply Design for Automotive Surround View Camera Systems

Renesas Electronics launched the ISL78083, a highly integrated power management IC (PMIC) that simplifies power supply design for use in multiple HD...

Shrink Power & Communication with Industry’s smallest 2-pin bi-directional DC Powerline Communications

Designers of ultra-low-power portables and wearables can shrink the size of a power and communication interface to the charging dock by up to 80...
debug and trace specifications

Growing a Standardized Debug and Trace Environment

The MIPI Alliance has released a layered system of debug and trace specifications for mobile development in the Internet of Things (IoT),...
Battery Finder Tool

Battery Finder: A Smart tool for Searching Batteries

The Battery Finder is designed for developers and engineers seeking the right batteries during the design-in-process of their projects. It provides an...
VICOR Power Summit India

Right Circuit Simulation Strategy for Power Electronics Engineer

Vicor continuing its High-Performance Power Conversion Seminar and Workshop series in eight countries and 12 cities worldwide concluded Delhi edition on September 19.
LoRa Development Packs

Ready-to-use LoRa Development Packs Including Gateway & Node Boards

STMicroelectronics has introduced two $99 ready-to-use development packs that enable all types of users from large corporations to smaller companies, independent designers,...
RL78 Prototyping Board

Low-Power RL78 Prototyping Board to Simplify IoT Endpoint Equipment Prototyping

Renesas Electronics launched the RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board – a low-cost, function-rich board to enable rapid product development for IoT endpoint equipment....
Blood-Pressure Measurement Solution

Blood-Pressure Measurement Solution Reference Design

Maxim Integrated has introduced a solid-state blood-pressure monitoring solution to more conveniently track this critical health indicator. Design engineers can develop blood-pressure...


Abstract: This article demonstrates the construction of a 10 W practice guitar amplifier circuit including a possible cabinet design to enclose the speaker circuit....
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