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EZBuck regulators

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor launched High-Current EZBuck Regulator Family

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) introduced a new family of EZBuck regulators. The first two members of the family are the 20A, AOZ2367QI...
power supply for big data

Platinum Efficiency 3600 W Power Supply for Big Data and Cloud Computing

Bel Power Solutions announces the Platinum efficiency PFE3600 series power supply, which delivers more power in a standard form factor for big data and...
LDO Regulator

Energy-Saving Low-Noise LDO Regulator Powers Automotive Modules & Smart Automation

The STMicroelectronics LDO40L 400mA low-dropout linear regulator delivers quiet and efficient power for always-on automotive modules and noise-sensitive loads. With 45µA quiescent current, the AEC-Q100...
Ceramic Screw-Mounting Disc Capacitors

Vishay Extends Series of Ceramic Screw-Mounting Disc Capacitors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today announced that it has extended the Vishay Cera-Mite 715CxxKT series of ceramic screw-mounting disc capacitors with higher voltages...
Two-Quadrant Power Supply

New Two-Quadrant Power Supply Series for Mobile Communications and IoT Sectors

Thanks to their high accuracy and fast load recovery time, the new R&S NGL200 power supplies are perfect for challenging applications in mobile communications...
zero-drift operational amplifier

45V, zero-drift operational amplifier provides ultra-high precision plus EMI filtering

The rapid expansion of wireless capabilities, such as Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled applications, is increasing high frequency noise in our livable space and work environments....
IHLP Inductors

Commercial IHLP Inductors Featuring Short Lead Times

To provide faster access to its most popular IHLP low profile, high current inductors, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today introduced alternative versions of its...
DC-DC power modules

Flex Power Modules broadens DC-DC power modules portfolio for industrial & railways sectors

Broad range of voltages and features to meet the needs of many diverse applications Encapsulated packaging for reliable operation in harsh conditions Flex...
Automotive Power IC

Buck Converters & Controllers for Most Efficient High-Voltage Automotive Power Solutions

Maxim Integrated Products announced power-management ICs offering the industry’s smallest solution size and highest efficiency to help automotive designers meet space and power challenges of...
Power Supply for Server

Titanium Efficient Power Supply Series for Server and Storage Applications

Bel Power Solutions announced the TET2000 Series, 2100 W AC-DC power supplies that provide a 12 VDC power source with Titanium efficiency for servers,...