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Power Management

Automotive Grade IHTH Through-Hole Inductors

Automotive Grade IHTH High Current, High Temperature Through-Hole Inductors

Designed to Replace Larger, More Expensive Solutions, Devices Offer Continuous High Temperature Operation to +155 °C Vishay Intertechnology...
USB Type-C charger

Infineon enables highly integrated USB Type-C charger unification

– Using energy responsibly is the essential factor for innovations in the field of energy efficiency towards a greener planet. Infineon Technologies...
Automotive Intelligent High-Side Drivers

STMicroelectronics Launches Highly Integrated Intelligent High-Side Drivers for Automotive Applications

The VN9D30Q100F and VN9D5D20FN from STMicroelectronics introduce a new generation of automotive intelligent switches, the first in the market with digital current...
High Voltage Chip Divider for Automotive Equipment

High Voltage Chip Divider for Automotive & Industrial Equipment

Industry's first High Voltage Chip Divider in Molded Package Reduces Component Counts & Improves TC Tracking Performance Vishay...
DC/DC converter for RFPA & PoE applications

DC/DC converter for RFPA and PoE applications

Flex Power Modules reveal the PKU4116HD series 1/16th brick DC/DC converter for RFPA & PoE applications 110W output...
GaN Adapters for Portable Consumer Applications

GaN Adapters for Portable Consumer & Industrial Applications

CUI Inc 300 W & 120 W GaN Adapters Offer Competitive Power Density for Portable Consumer & Industrial Applications
Battery Simulator Modules for BMS test applications

Pickering Interfaces launched a new family of Battery Simulator Modules

New PXI multi-cell battery simulator modules from Pickering Interfaces simplify voltage & current readback & improve accuracy for validating Battery Management Systems
Power Supplies for Engineering Applications

Advanced Energy’s Excelsys Power Supplies now available from element14

The Excelsys low voltage, modular power supplies simplify system integration to enable rapid design of critical applications that require extreme reliability & performance
Power Efficiency Design Challenges

onsemi to Host a Series of Live Power Webinars to Address Power Efficiency Design...

Events will enable engineers to meet power experts and discuss their design needs onsemi to host a series of...
Tiny MCUs for Energy Sensitive IoT Edge Devices

Ultra-Low Power, Tiny MCUs for Small & Energy Sensitive IoT Edge Devices

New RA2E2 Group Based on Arm Cortex-M23 Core Are Optimized for Space-Constrained, Energy Sensitive IoT Endpoint, Wearable, Medical, Industrial Automation & Other...