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Analog Devices' LTC6228 and LTC6229 Op Amps

Analog devices’ LTC6228 & LTC6229 operational amplifiers, now at Mouser

LTC6228 & LTC6229 Features High Speed and Low Distortion Required for Data Acquisition Mouser Electronics is now stocking the...
Si823Hx/825xx isolated gate drivers

Silicon Labs Strengthens its Si823Hx/825xx Isolated Gate Driver Portfolio

New isolated gate drivers cut latency by 50% while significantly increasing transient immunity Silicon Labs introduces new Si823Hx/825xx isolated gate drivers offering...
Vishay Dale IHVR-4024KE-51

High Current Inductor delivers Improved Saturation & Temperature Stability

Vertical-Mount IHVR-4024KE-51 Device in Compact 4024 Case Size Offers 50 % Lower DCR Than Typical Power Inductors While Saving Board Space

Microcontrollers PIC18-Q41 & AVR DB to Solve Tough Analog System Design Challenges

Adds MCUs that integrate configurable analog and digital peripherals supported by mixed-signal development environment Sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT)...
E-PEAS Power Management ICs

Power Management ICs Designed into Air Pollution Monitoring Hardware

Driving innovation in energy harvesting, e-peas has gained another major endorsement for its cutting-edge technology. The company’s highly optimised power management ICs are...
Medical Grade DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters in SOIC-16 Package Feature Medical-grade Isolation

RECOM announces the launch of its R05CT05S low-cost 0.5W DC/DC converter in a tiny SOIC-16 package. RECOM, industry leader in power...
MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers Model 2422

Silicon Designs Triaxial MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers

Offering low-noise, low-voltage (5 VDC), low-cost acceleration & vibration sensing within zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications Silicon Designs introduces the...
Ultra-Thin, Dc Converters for portable electronics

3 Watt Dc-Dc Converters for Portable Electronics

CUI announces the addition of four ultra-thin, low profile converter series to its isolated dc-dc converter line which are ideal for portable...
Dual-Phase DC Controllers

80V Bidirectional Buck-Boost & Dual-Phase Buck DC/DC Controllers

Industry’s Highest Performance ISL81801 Bidirectional Buck-Boost & ISL81802 Dual Buck Controllers Provide the Extra Voltage Margin Required for 48V Telecom, Data Center...

Infineon’s discrete 1200 V CoolSiC MOSFETs used for PSB 10000 of EA Elektro-Automatik

EA Elektro-Automatik introduces bidirectional laboratory power supply for testing electric drive-trains, integrates CoolSiC MOSFETs It can be configured from...