Mouser Signs Amphenol NEXUS Technologies to Global Distribution Deal

Mouser Electronics, Inc. today announces a global distribution agreement with Amphenol NEXUS Technologies, a leading manufacturer of audio connectors and pushbutton switches. Amphenol NEXUS Technologies connectors are ideal for headset and low-voltage applications that require breakaway-style audio connectors, while the company’s switches offer a durable, reliable, and cost-effective solution with a strong, tactile-feedback feature. The Amphenol NEXUS Technologies product line, available from Mouser Electronics and proudly manufactured in the United States, offers buyers and designers a broad selection of plugs, jacks, and switches that feature durability in harsh environmental conditions as well as superior electrical performance.

Amphenol NEXUS Technologies manufactures a full line of military-qualified five-, six-, seven-, and ten-pin audio connectors available in waterproof and shielded plugs and receptacles with either crimp sleeve or solder cup contacts for use in circuits up to 60V and 0.5A. Plugs and receptacles are available as inline with wire strain relief or molded strain relief or panel mount. The connectors are available with shielding, right-angle connections, and miniaturization options that are suited for military radio systems, intercom systems for ground vehicles, airborne, and naval communications.

Amphenol NEXUS Technologies telephone plugs and jacks are ideal for ruggedized communications systems, such as radios and military and commercial headphones. The connectors are available with a variety of sizes and features, including inline, overmold, and flanged mounting options. The company also manufactures a wide variety of MIL-S-8805/3 (MS25089)-qualified push-button switches for multiple markets, including military and commercial aircraft, avionics, ground vehicles, naval systems, ruggedized communications systems, command systems, soldier systems, and industrial applications.

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