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Next Generation Augmented Reality Remote Visual Assistance platform – AR Genie App

Delivering immersive real-time Augmented Reality powered Remote Visual Assistance across various industries, fostering remote support collaboration, reduced downtime & operational cost
AR Remote Assistance

Transforming Operations: How AR Remote Assistance Drives Business Excellence

AR Remote Assistance is experiencing a growing presence in a wide array of sectors and is frequently deemed indispensable by many firms....
Augmented reality in Dentistry

From Training to Treatment: The Broad Spectrum of Augmented reality in Dentistry

Augmented reality (AR) technology has been increasingly adopted in various industries, including healthcare and dentistry. AR offers transformative solutions in dentistry, especially...
Immersive Virtual Worlds

Immersive Virtual Worlds, Interacting With Each Other in Sophisticated Ways

The evolution of digital technology has ushered in an era where virtual worlds aren't just figments of science fiction but a tangible...
motion & bone-conduction Sensor

STMicroelectronics’ motion & bone-conduction Sensor saves space & power in hearables & headsets

The motion & bone-conduction Sensor Delivers longer listening experience & superior hearing in TWS headphones and AR/VR/MR headsets STMicroelectronics' LSM6DSV16BX is...
Augmented Reality (AR) app

Boards Guide and accompanying Augmented Reality (AR) app

Digi-Key Electronics, which offers the world’s largest selection of electronic components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment, and Make:, the...
Augmented Reality

CEA-Leti Will Highlight Progress on Key Augmented Reality Building Blocks, Including Retinal Projection and...

Reflecting CEA-Leti's steady pursuit of developing silicon photonics and integrated optics for augmented reality (AR) glasses, the institute will update its progress...
Meta acquires Luxexcel

Meta acquires Luxexcel, a developer of 3D smart glasses.

Meta acquires Luxexcel | As it doubles down on its ambition of the metaverse in 2023, Meta (formerly Facebook) has bought Luxexcel,...
Augmented Reality AR Glasses

Advanced microLED Displays for Augmented Reality AR Glasses

Custom MicroLED for Ultra-high Performance Augmented Reality AR Glasses, Scaling with Partners Including GlobalFoundries & TSMC MICLEDI Microdisplays and Kura...
Virtual Reality Chips

Meta & Qualcomm partner to make custom Virtual Reality Chips for Metaverse applications

The engineering & product teams of the companies will work together to produce Virtual Reality Chips, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon platforms