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A Solderable System-On-Module

Building on the new industry standard “Open Standard Module (OSM)” defined by SGeT, iWave Systems launches iW-RainboW-G40M: The solderable i.MX 8M Plus...
computer-aided design (CAD)

Seeed’s Open Parts Library (OPL) adds SnapEDA models for faster electronics production

Today, Seeed, a leading global PCB manufacturer based in Shenzhen, is adding SnapEDA computer-aided design (CAD) models to the Seeed and ShenZhen...
X-Ray PCB ( Printed Circuit Board) Inspection

How Is X-Ray Used in PCB Inspection?

As technology in electronics evolves, solder joints have become completely invisible, using the X-ray inspection PCB automatically.   To start...
Thermal management in printed circuit boards

Thermal Management in Printed Circuit Boards

ViscoTec dispensing pumps have already proven themselves in numerous applications as the optimal tool for handling highly abrasive materials. Dispensing tests were carried...
Fibre Optic Housing

Fibre Optic Housing with 2-way mounting for system design flexibility

Edge-facing or upright to PCB mounting; suits mass transit, power distribution & demanding industrial applications OMC, the pioneer in...
Raspberry Pi-designed PR2040 chip

Raspberry Pi-designed Silicon PR2040 Chip now available from element14

Raspberry Pi designed silicon chip found at the core of popular Raspberry Pi Pico development board now available as standalone chip
OrangeCrab open-source FPGA development board

OrangeCrab open-source FPGA development board now available from element14

The ultra-compact high-end FPGA OrangeCrab development board enables flexible design due to its tiny Adafruit Feather form factor & two memory configuration...
QSXM solder-down module

QSXM i.MX8M Mini Solder-Down System-On-Module

Direct Insight's new i.MX8M Mini Solder-Down System-On-Module (SoM) combines high performance, miniaturization & low cost Direct Insight has announced...
3rd Generation Intel Xeon SP Processors

AAEON ARES-WHI0 Server Board with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon SP Processors

AAEON celebrate the launch of Intel’s latest scalable platform, the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (formerly Ice Lake-SP). As an associate...
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

éolane Tallinn Selects Critical Manufacturing to upgrade its business with Industry 4.0 solutions

Critical Manufacturing has been awarded a contract with the innovative electronics manufacturer éolane Tallinn, Estonia. The project will see a two-phase Manufacturing...