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Vital Signs Sensor Interface IC

Vital Signs Sensor Interface IC with NFC Harvesting and Customisable Configuration

Ensilica has today announced the ENS62020, an ultra-low-power healthcare sensor interface IC for monitoring vital signs in wearable healthcare and medical devices.
healthcare mobile app development services

App development in healthcare: 4 types of applications to be built in 2022

Mhealth is really popular right now. Wearable technology like smartwatches and cellphones enable us to track our health remotely and share the...
piezoelectric nanogenerators

Tiny electric generators could accelerate wound healing

Tiny dressings that generate electricity in response to movement could accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration. Scientists in Taiwan reviewed the latest...
AI to next generation IoT devices

Infineon & Picovoice to Develop End-to-End Voice Platform for AI Edge Devices

Infineon Technologies announced the company has collaborated with Picovoice to jointly develop an end-to-end voice platform that brings voice AI to edge...
Connector for wearables

R35K Board-to-FPC Connector for Tomorrow’s Wearables

Compared to conventional connectors, Panasonic Industry's new R35K connector saves almost 50 % space on the PCB – but thanks to its...

Experts advise how to protect your fitness trackers

The digital privacy expert Daniel Markuson explains what kind of data is collected by fitness apps and why they're a popular target...
7 Advantages of Using a Running Watch

The 7 Advantages of Using a Running Watch

More miles, improved sleep, and better pace will all aid your overall running. It's said that whatever gets measured gets managed. And...

How Nanotechnology Has Helped to Realize Flexible and Wearable Electronics

The areas of flexible and wearable electronics are two areas that are seeing a significant amount of growth and are expanding into...
Click Board for Wearables & Asset Tracking

LTE IoT 8 Click Board for Wearables, Asset Tracking, Monitoring & Metering

Low power LTE-M & NB-IoT connectivity solution joins over 1000 other standard peripheral development boards MikroElektronika (MIKROE) has launched LTE IOT...
Wristband for contactless payment

Screenless Wristband for Contactless Payment & Communication

Deed Screenless Wristband uses system solutions from Infineon that enable the wearable with connectivity, computing, sensing & security capabilities The...