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What Does the New HONOR Watch Bring Us

The first is the appearance: The new HONOR Watch is designed as a square watch. The dial screen has...
Safety wearable

Blackline Safety selects u‑blox technology for its latest 4G-enabled connected safety wearable

Blackline Safety selects u‑blox LARA-R2 LTE Cat 1 module for its G7 wearables to help keep lone workers safe & connected
Social Distancing Wristwatch

First Social Distancing Wristwatch that uses Ultra-Wideband Chipset with low rate pulse

Renesas & Altran collaboration develops Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Wearable Platform for Precision Distance Measurement Applications Renesas Electronics Corporation and Altran announces...
SIMO Power Management IC

Industry’s Smallest Quad-Output SIMO PMIC with 85% Higher Power Density

The breakthrough MAX77655 single-inductor multiple output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC) from Maxim Integrated provides the highest-density power solution for extremely compact...
wearables & asset tracking

u-blox brings ultra-low power positioning accuracy to Wearables & Asset tracking

u-blox M10 includes MAX- M10S GNSS module & UBX-M10050 GNSS chipset, designed for ultra-low power high-performance positioning applications Ability...
Healthcare Sensor

Health Sensor Platform 3.0 for Healthcare Wearables

Reduces Development Time of Healthcare Wearables by At Least Six Months MAXREFDES104# ,a wrist form factor reference design ready...
LaSAR Alliance

STMicroelectronics launched LaSAR Alliance for Augmented Reality Eyewear Applications

Applied Materials, Dispelix, Osram, and Mega1 contribute leading-edge technology and manufacturing expertise to meet demanding Augmented Reality (AR) smart-glass requirementsBuilds on ST...
GNSS Technology in Smart Altimeters

GNSS-enabled smart altimeter for Aerial Athletes

u-blox positioning technology helps bring smarter altimeters to aerial athletes, improving situational awareness, safety decisions in freefall u‑blox introduces...
Wearable Technology Development

Wearable Technology and the Future of Electronic Developments

Wearable technology started with the watch enabling individuals to tell the time, initially in the 1500’s via a necklace worn device, and...
Lithium-ion Batteries

World’s First Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Technology to be Launched

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are now the world's preferred source of portable energy, but the sad reality is, with a functional lifespan of only...