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Mouser Electronics EIT Episode 6 RF wireless

Mouser latest Empowering Innovation Together Episode investigates emerging trends & applications that use Radio Frequency (RF) & Wireless technologies

RI 198 RF Forensic Box for law enforcement by Ranatec

Ranatec announced its latest innovation, the RI 198 Forensic Box designed for law enforcement, IT forensics and crime investigators. The RI 198...
Protecting RF Sensor

Electrolube’s UR5118 resin Ticks All The Boxes for IoT RF Sensor Application

As the world witnesses the rapid rise of the IoT revolution, sensor usage is being leveraged to a whole new level. Electrolube, the global manufacturer of...
Outdoor fiber solutions

PolyPhaser expanded its comprehensive line of Fiber solutions

PolyPhaser expanded its line of Fiber solutions, includes Fiber Interconnects, Passive Solutions & Outdoor Solutions PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics...
High frequency RF loads

RF Loads with 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, SMP & SMPM Connectors

New 1 Watt RF Loads with 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, SMP & SMPM Connectors from Fairview Microwave cover Frequencies up to 67 GHz
RF loads to address myriad applications

Pasternack stocks RF Loads with Frequencies up to 67 GHz

New 1 Watt RF Loads are Available with 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, SMP & SMPM Connectors Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics...
mmWave radio signals medium

Plastic based Technology Overcomes Limits of Copper Wire & Optical Fiber for...

As part of its broad focus on millimeter-wave (mmWave) data transfer applications, CEA-Leti has developed a hybrid, ultra-fast, ultra-low latency technology that...
67GHz Microwave Multiplexers

Pickering Interfaces new 67GHz Microwave Multiplexers now in PXI, PXIe & LXI formats

On demonstration at the International Microwave Symposium,June 8-10, Atlanta, GA., USA (In-Person Event); & June 20-25 (Virtual Event) Pickering Interfaces...
RF Surge Protectors for LMR Applications

RF Surge Protectors for Critical Communication Networks & LMR Applications

4.3-10 RF Surge Protectors Support Urgent Deployment with Same-Day Shipping PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics brand has introduced 4.3-10 RF...
microwave RF solutions

SµRF, a high frequency, high bandwidth RFICS & MMICs for RF & mmWave applications

CML Microcircuits announces SµRF, a new range of high frequency, high bandwidth RFICS and MMICs targeting RF and mmWave applications. As wireless...