Latest News of RF & Microwave Technology & Products

RF & Microwave

Electromechanical Relay Switches

Electromechanical Relay Switches for reliable RF Signal Routing

Fairview Microwave has launched a new series of ruggedized Electromechanical Relay Switches for reliable RF signal routing in critical applications across various market bands,...
Multi-Port Connector Blocks

Pasternack released VITA 67 Multi-Port Connector Blocks

Pasternack VITA 67 Multi-Port Connector Blocks deliver High-Density RF Connections Pasternack announced the release of its new VITA 67 multi-port...
Communications Applications

Phase Shifters & Attenuators for Testing & Communications Applications

New Phase Shifters and Attenuators Address Testing and Communications Applications Fairview Microwave is now offering a series of variable phase shifters,...
Waveguide Isolators & Circulators

Waveguide Isolators & Circulators for Microwave applications

New Isolators and Circulators Protect Microwave and RF Devices from Reflected Power Fairview Microwave launched its latest waveguide isolators...
PCB Patch Antennas

PCB Patch Antennas for IoT Devices Connectivity

Amphenol RF introduces internal antennas to its growing portfolio of RF antenna solutions designed to be compatible with existing interconnect options
Multi-Port Connector Blocks

Fairview Microwave released VITA 67 Multi-Port Connector Blocks

Multi-Port Connector Blocks Provide High-Density RF Connections in Harsh Environments Fairview Microwave announced the release of their VITA 67...
Wi-Fi 7 Chip

Anritsu & MediaTek Successfully Verified Wi-Fi 7 Chip Connection with Network Mode

Anritsu Corporation and MediaTek have successfully verified the performance and functions of MediaTek’s Filogic chip for IEEE802.11be wireless LAN (WLAN) by testing...
Digital Down Conversion

Spectrum Instrumentation’s Digitizers now offer continuous Digital Down Conversion via GPU

Spectrum Instrumentation launches Digital Down Conversion processing to convert RF signals down to baseband signals Spectrum Instrumentation’s complete line...
RF Power Dividers & RF Couplers

Fairview Microwave Unveils New RF Power Dividers & RF Couplers

Fairview Microwave released a new offering of RF power dividers and RF couplers with excellent power ratings, a variety of configuration options and...
Dielectric Resonators

Dielectric Resonators & Ferrites for Microwave Applications

Exxelia enlarges its Dielectric Resonators (DR) material and Ferrite offering for high-frequency Microwave Applications. New capabilities include the use of its latest...