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Automotive Precision Operational Amplifiers

Diodes’ Automotive Precision Operational Amplifiers Offer Wide Dynamic Range & Low Noise Operation

Diodes Incorporated (Diodes) is addressing the need for advanced signal conditioning in modern automotive designs by introducing two Automotive Precision Operational Amplifiers...
Silicon Carbide-Based Power Modules

Automotive Silicon Carbide-Based Power Modules Trio for On-Board Chargers

AMP32 series of Silicon Carbide-Based Power Modules enable faster charging & increased range for all types of electrical vehicles
Automotive Oscillator

SiTime unveil new Automotive Oscillator family, based on its Advanced MEMS Technology

SiTime Corporation introduced a new Automotive Oscillator family, based on SiTime’s advanced MEMS technology. The new differential oscillators are 10x more resilient...
Automotive OEMs

World’s most sustainable Audio Technology supports Automotive OEMs in achieving decarbonisation targets

Leading the 'clean sound revolution', Warwick Acoustics Ltd is delivering the world's most sustainable audio solution to shape the future of in-car...
Integrated Software Development Environment

Renesas launched a new Integrated Software Development Environment

Renesas' Integrated Software Development Environment Supports Multi-Chip ECUs, Reducing Development Time & Post-Design Modifications Renesas Electronics Corporation launched a...
Automotive Power Distribution

Gate Driver for Advanced Automotive Power Distribution

Infineon' High-side gate driver EiceDRIVER 2ED2410-EM enables new wire protection capabilities for Advanced Automotive Power Distribution Modern cars...
Battery Management System

Battery Management System for High Voltage Applications

Sensata Technologies will debut a new Battery Management System (BMS), the Lithium Balance n3-BMS, for high voltage applications at the Battery Show North...
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

The Ultimate 6 Minute Guide to the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market

Market Snapshot: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure The global electric vehicle charging infrastructure is estimated to be worth USD 5.64...
Radar Detection Software

TERAKI selected Infineon AURIX TC4x for ML-based Radar Detection Software

To increase accuracy and safety of ADAS & AD applications Autonomous driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)...
Pedestrian Autonomous Emergency Braking

Next-gen Thermal Sensing Solution for Pedestrian Autonomous Emergency Braking

Lynred and Umicore announced the co-development of a next-generation thermal sensing technology which will drastically improve the performance of PAEB (Pedestrian Autonomous...