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Power Choke Coil

Surface-Mounted Power Choke Coil for Harsh Automotive Conditions

For quite a while now, "the electrification of everything" is one of the major trends in automotive engineering: More and more electronic...
Electric Walk-in Van

Fully Electric Walk-in Van Prototype Ready for Customer Evaluations 

EAVX, a subsidiary of JB Poindexter & Co (JBPCO), and REE Automotive (NASDAQ: REE), an automotive technology leader and provider of electric...
rectifiers for automotive power

Nexperia unveiled new rectifiers for automotive power applications in Clip-Bonded FlatPower packaging

Nexperia announced the release of 14 rectifiers for power applications in its new CFP2-HP (Clip-Bonded FlatPower) packaging. Available in standard and AECQ-101...
Buck Converter

Low Voltage 3A Buck Converter Targets High Power Density Automotive Designs

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the automotive-compliant DIODES AP61300Q and DIODES AP61302Q synchronous buck converters. These 3A-rated devices have a wide input voltage range of 2.4V to...
Trackwise IHT FPCs enable cell-to-pack connectivity, facilitating improved EV battery density and efficiency

Trackwise delivers space- and weight-saving flexible printed circuit cell-connecting interconnect for cell-to-pack EV batteries

Trackwise, the innovative manufacturer of specialist products using printed circuit technology, has announced that it is delivering lightweight, space-saving, flexible printed circuit (FPC) interconnect...
silicon carbide (SiC) technology

STMicroelectronics collaborate with Semikron for Silicon-Carbide Power Technology

STMicroelectronics has revealed it is supplying silicon carbide (SiC) technology for the eMPack electric-vehicle (EV) power modules from Semikron, one of the world's...
Automotive-Qualified IGBT/SiC Module Driver

Automotive-Qualified IGBT/SiC Module Driver Family;Targets Bus, Truck and Con-Ag EVs

 Power Integrations announced the SCALETM EV family of gate-driver boards for Infineon EconoDUALTM modules. Suitable for original, clone and new SiC variants, the driver targets high-power automotive...
Resistors for EVs

AEC-Q200 Qualified, Chassis-Mount Wirewound Resistors for EVs

Vishay Intertechnology, introduced a new series of AEC-Q200 qualified, chassis-mount wirewound resistors targeted at the growing electric vehicle (EV) market.

Vitesco Technologies to supply axle drive Electronics Motor Reducer Hyundai Motor Group

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, is further expanding its strong-going axle drive business: The...
40V MOSFET to Control BLDC Motors

40V MOSFET to Control BLDC Motors for Automotive Applications

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation announced the company has released a new 40V Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) to control Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors for automotive...