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Key Technologies to Play Pivotal Role in Post-Pandemic Landscape

5G, AI, AR, & IoT Among Key Technologies to Play Pivotal Role in Post-Pandemic...

Over these next few months, the post-pandemic landscape will begin to take shape. Technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR),...

FUJITSU AI-powered Healthcare Solution “HOPE ROMREC”

Fujitsu announced the launch of a new AI-powered physical rehabilitation solution in Japan, the "FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE ROMREC", offering medical institutions...
AI Technology

AI Technology to Automatically Differentiate between Work Tasks in Video Data

Fujitsu Laboratories announced the development of a technology that automatically detects different work elements—for instance, "removing a part," "tightening a screw," or...
AI Edge Fanless Embedded BOX PC

AI Edge Compact Fanless Embedded BOX PC with Google Edge TPU

BOXER-8521AI brings the Google Edge TPU to the edge in a compact, rugged platform & PoE PD design for even more flexible...
tsunami prediction with AI

World’s Fastest Supercomputer ‘Fugaku’ & AI to Deliver Real-Time Tsunami Prediction

The International Research Institute of Disaster Science at Tohoku University, the Earthquake Research Institute at the University of Tokyo, and Fujitsu Laboratories...
R-Car V3H system-on-chip (SoC)

R-Car V3H with Improved Deep Learning Performance for Latest NCAP

R-Car V3H Delivers Best-in-Class TOPS/Watt for Cutting-Edge Computer Vision & Provides Migration Path Toward NCAP 2025 Renesas Electronics Corporation...
RSL10 Smart Shot Camera

RSL10 Smart Shot Camera enables Event Triggered Imaging with AI

Ultra-low-power platform based on RSL10 SIP & ARX3A0 brings automatic image recognition to the IoT ON Semiconductor is pleased...

AI and Blockchain Cloud Services to Orchestrate Next Wave of Digital Business Transformation

Next-gen digitally-driven firms of all stature to leverage cloud computing services that underpin the three paradigms: IoT, AI, and blockchain
Explainable AI Technology

Fujitsu & Hokkaido University Develop “Explainable AI” Technology

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Hokkaido University today announced the development of a new technology based on the principle of "explainable AI" that...
Deep Learning Acceleration Platform

Deep Learning Acceleration Platform for Smarter AI Inferencing at the Edge

The most compact, high performing GPU-enabled deep learning acceleration platforms for deploying AI at the edge across industrial applications