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AI chatbots

Is there any connection between chatbots and increased sales?

For many of today’s companies, artificial intelligence and big data are playing a key role in enhancing the marketing and sales efforts. A host...
Neural Network Processor

Baidu and Intel collaborate for Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor for Training

The new custom accelerator named Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processor for Training (NNP-T) is a new class of efficient deep learning system hardware...
Motion Sensor with Machine Learning

Motion Sensor with Machine Learning for Battery-Friendly Activity Tracking & Accuracy

Machine-learning technology classifies movement data to improve activity tracking Embedded intelligence and additional enhancements greatly reduce power for longer battery runtime in smartphones, wearables, and...
Lattice sensAI Stack Named Internet of Things Product of the Year

Lattice sensAI Receives Its Fourth Award in 2019 at Electronics Industry Awards

Lattice Semiconductor announced that its sensAI solutions stack has been named the winner of the Internet of Things Product of the Year at the Electronics Industry...
AI chip

NeuroBlade raises over $27 million to develop a new type of AI chip

Israeli startup NeuroBlade has completed a $23-million round A, led by Marius Nacht, Co-founder of Check Point Software Technologies, with the participation of new investor Intel...
AI-driven enterprises

The AI-Driven Enterprise Evolves  

Mist Systems is leading a new era of IT that brings unprecedented simplicity, scale and insight to companies of all sizes. Our customers are...
BOXER-8150AI_front 600x400

BOXER-8150AI: Family of Compact Embedded AI Edge Solutions

AAEON, an industry leader in AI solutions, announces the BOXER-8150AI, the latest in the BOXER-8100AI family of compact embedded AI Edge solutions powered by NVIDIA...
AI Accelerator Test Chip

AI Accelerator that performs CNN Processing Speeds & Reduced Power Consumption

 Renesas Electronics Corporation has developed an AI accelerator that performs CNN (convolutional neural network) processing at high speeds and low power to move towards...
AI Core XP8_3D Soc Med

AI Core XP4 and XP8: The Flexible AI Solution with Intel Myriad X

AAEON, an award-winning leader of AI edge solutions, announces the latest products in our line of AI modules featuring the Intel Movidius Myriad X,...
Artificial intelligence at Edge

A deeper dive into Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) might feel far away, but many of us experience AI every single day in applications like speech to text virtual assistance...
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