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Cabin Monitoring automotive sensor

World’s First Full-Cabin Monitoring With One Radar-On-Chip

Vayyar's 4D Imaging Radar-on-Chip (RoC) technology is the first in the world to cover all seats in three rows, all footwells and...
6DoF inertial sensor

Panasonic 6DoF Inertial Sensor for high-performance Motion Detection

Panasonic Industry's 6DoF inertial sensor series delivers precise information about the state & motion of a vehicle or machinery & provides essential inputs...
optical phased arrays (OPAs) Lidar

Optical Phased Arrays for inexpensive LiDAR Systems

Taking a critical step toward developing LiDAR systems for widespread commercial applications, CEA-Leti has developed genetic algorithms to calibrate high-channel-count optical phased...
Vital Sign Sensors

ams Vital Sign Sensors Module now available from Mouser

Mouser Electronics is now stocking AS7038xB vital sign sensors and the AS7030B vital sign sensor module from ams. The small sensors are...
Barometric Pressure Sensor

Barometric Pressure Sensor for Wearables, Consumer & Industrial applications

Accurate sensor in compact gel package for wearables, consumer & industrial applications Robust package design offers high level of...
Environmental Sensors

Mouser Stocks Sensirion Environmental Sensors

Mouser Electronics stocks a broad selection of environmental sensors from Sensirion, a leading supplier of sensors for the medical and automotive industries....
Ultrasonic Sensors

CUI Devices Adds Ultrasonic Sensors Product Line to Sensors Portfolio

CUI Devices’ Sensors Group announced the addition of ultrasonic sensors to its product portfolio. Offering a range of transmitter, receiver, and transceiver...
NTC Thermistor

High Temperature NTC Thermistor With PEEK-Insulated, NiFe Leads

Delivers Fast, High Accuracy Measurement in Automotive Applications AEC-Q200 Qualified Device Withstands High Temperatures Up to +185 °C, Offers...
Sensor for Automotive Communication

High-Speed Inductive Position Sensor for Automotive Motor Commutation

Magnet-Free Contact-less Sensor Delivers High Accuracy, Easy Customization, & Smaller Weight & Size with Total Stray Field Immunity for Automotive
Power Sensors for RF Power Measurements

R&S NRP67S/SN Power Sensors for RF Power Measurements

Rohde & Schwarz has increased the maximum measurable frequency of its three-path diode power sensors to an unrivalled 67 GHz. The three-path...