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AutoX Gen5 Self-Driving

ON Semiconductor Intelligent Sensing Technologies Enable 360° Vision in AutoX Gen5 Self-Driving Platform

ON Semiconductor announced that its image sensing and LiDAR technologies power key functions of AutoX's Gen5 self-driving platform. Revealed at the World...
Gas and Particle Sensors Market report

Gas & Particle Sensors expected to be worth US$2.2 billion in 2026

Vehicles still use most gas sensors. Moreover, the consumer market is accelerating the digitalization of smell “The quality of...
Smart Cameras for powerful AI applications

Freely programmable Smart Cameras with NVIDIA Jetson Modules for powerful AI applications

The new AX smart cameras from Baumer with NVIDIA Jetson modules are freely programmable for powerful AI applications Baumer...
Infrared-Based Dynamic Optical Sensor

Maxim Integrated reveal next gen of its Infrared-Based Dynamic Optical Sensor

Infrared-Based Dynamic Gesture Sensor from Maxim Integrated extend range of Gestures Sensing 10x lower cost than ToF systems Maxim...
sensors and actuators

MEMS Semiconductors Strengthen After Holding Up Well in 2020

Sales of semiconductor sensors and actuators made with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology are expected to grow about 16% in 2021 to a...
GPS technology with Sensor Fusion

Centimeter-level GPS technology with Sensor Fusion

Low-speed calibration brings highly accurate & reliable positioning to new markets u-blox has released a firmware update for its...
Sensor for Air Quality Monitoring

Ultra-Low Power Platform for Personalized Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

Enhanced Platform Delivers Selective Ozone Detection, Miniature Sensor, & a IP67 Waterproof Package for Wearables, Smartphones, & Industrial Monitoring Devices
Magnetic Position Sensor for ADAS

3DMAG Magnetic Position Sensor for ADAS & Industrial Applications

A31315 sensor delivers the accuracy & performance needed to meet stringent ASIL-D requirements of safety-critical automotive applications Allegro MicroSystems,...
CEA-Leti's autonomous imager device µWAI

World’s First Autonomous Imager For Smartphones, Smart-Home Appliances and Automobiles

CEA-Leti today announced the world's first autonomous imager technology that activates smartphones and small appliances through face recognition or other specific patterns.
Single-Chip 4D Imaging Radar Sensor

XRR chip – World’s first Single-Chip 4D Imaging Radar Sensor with a range of...

Vayyar's XRR chip is the only single-chip 4D imaging radar with a 0-300m range, providing a high-resolution point cloud & ultra-wide FoV,...