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Multi-Spectral Sensor

Mouser Electronics Stocks13-Channel Multi-Spectral Sensor from OSRAM

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the AS7343L 13-channel multi-spectral sensor...
Sensor Technology

Infineon & Rainforest Connection use Sensor Technology for Protecting the Rainforest

Sensor Technology for Protecting the Rainforest The preservation of rainforests is crucial to prevent climate change. However, illegal...
Sensor Design Resource Site

Mouser announced the launch of Sensor Design Resource Site

Mouser Electronics announced the launch of a new Sensor Design Resource Site dedicated to sensor design guides. The resource site features a...
Machine Learning

Panasonic 90° Grid-Eye Sensor brings the right angle to Machine Learning based IR Sensing

Suits privacy-conscious people-tracking & monitoring applications. Fewer sensors required to cover a given area Machine Learning based IR...
Inertial Sensor

Panasonic Industry’s 6DoF Inertial Sensor in Vehicle Engineering 

Panasonic Industry's 6DoF Inertial Sensor series delivers precise information about the state and motion of a vehicle or machinery - and is already...
i-ToF imager

i-ToF imager based on Infineon’s novel pixel technology boosts 3D camera system performance at...

Infineon Technologies in cooperation with pmd technologies is introducing the IRS2975C imager sensor, a performance-push evolution of the IRS2875C. The imager works...
Rotary Position Sensor

onsemi’s Dual-Inductive Rotary Position Sensor Speeds Up Time-to-Market

Designed to overcome limitations of inductive sensing, the NCS32100 Rotary Position Sensor brings high speed & accuracy to industrial applications
Thermal Power Sensors

Rohde & Schwarz adds LAN models to Waveguide Thermal Power Sensors

For precise RF power measurements in V, E and W waveguide bands, Rohde & Schwarz is adding new members to its R&S...
Sensor Evaluation Kit

Flusso launched FLS122 Sensor Evaluation Kit

Flusso has launched the FLS122 flow Sensor Evaluation Kit to help engineers quickly evaluate its new air velocity sensor’s performance and capabilities...
Time of Flight Image Sensor

Time of Flight Image Sensor for Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Infineon’s Time of Flight Image Sensor enables Smart Navigation & Advanced Obstacle Avoidance in DREAME’s new Smart Vacuum Cleaner