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Types of Sensors and their use

How To Use Sensor In Iot And Their Types

Sensors have been around for a long time in various industries and organizations. These devices are at the next level due to...
MEMS-Based Gyroscope

World’s Smallest-Footprint, MEMS-Based Gyroscope

World’s Smallest-Footprint, MEMS-Based Gyroscope Developed with Politecnico di Milano Combines Best-in-Class Bias Stability & ARW Performance, While Keeping a High Resonant Frequency
Ultrasonic 3D Sensor

Toposens reveal new Ultrasonic 3D Sensor featuring Infineon’s XENSIV MEMS Microphone

Toposens has partnered up with Infineon Technologies AG to realize 3D obstacle detection and collision avoidance in autonomous systems using Toposens' proprietary...
The image of detecting SARS-CoV-2 

Biosensor to Detect SARS-CoV-2 and Accelerate Development for practical application

Tokai University, Toyohashi University of Technology, Chubu University, and DENSO Corporation have been developing testing equipment to detect SARS-CoV-2 with support from the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). Universities...
Ambient Light Sensor For Automotive Applications

Ambient Light Sensor For Automotive & Consumer Applications

Device Offers High Dynamic Range to 228 klux & Resolution of 0.0034 lx/ct for Dark Lens Designs The Optoelectronics group...
Digital industrial cameras with CMOS Sensors

Basler integrates CMOS Sensors from Gpixel into ace 2 Portfolio

As one of the first computer vision providers, Basler is expanding its portfolio of digital industrial cameras to include models with CMOS...
Renesas Air Flow Sensor Modules

Renesas Air Flow Sensor Modules now available from Mouser

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the FS1015 and FS3000 air flow sensor modules Renesas Electronics. The vertical-mount FS1015 and the surface-mount FS3000...

STMicroelectronics Machine-Learning Core Sensors supports Qeexo’s automated ML Platform

Qeexo, developer of the Qeexo AutoML automated machine-learning (ML) platform that accelerates the development of tinyML models for the Edge, and STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across...
Smart IoT connected Sensors & Effecters

PICMG Ratifies IoT.1 Firmware Specification for Smart IoT connected Sensors & Effecters

PICMG announces the ratification of IoT.1 specification defining a communication standard between sensors / effecters and local IoT controllers such as micro...
8.3 MP Image Sensor

8.3 MP CMOS Digital Image Sensor with Rolling Shutter and Embedded High Dynamic Range...

onsemi announced the availability of a new 1/1.7 inch 8.3 MP CMOS digital image sensor with rolling shutter and embedded High Dynamic Range (eHDR) technology.