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What is Gateway and Half Gateway

What is Gateway and Half Gateway?

A gateway is a device that is used to connect totally dissimilar networks. Gateways handle messages, addresses and protocol conversions necessary to...
Digi-Key Electronics 2021 Back2School Prize Draw

Digi-Key Electronics Announces 2021 Back2School Prize Draw

Sweepstakes Fosters Innovation and Learning for Students Digi-Key Electronics will hold their highly anticipated annual Back2School Prize Draw sweepstakes,...
Educational devices & kits for students

DFRobot’s Robotics Kits & Boson Starter Kits now available from element14

DFRobot’s robotics kits & the popular Boson Starter Kits are ideal for educators, students & novice electronics enthusiasts element14 has expanded...
InkSmith’s Climate Action Kit

InkSmith’s Climate Action Kit is now available from element14

The Climate Action Kit by Inksmith encourages teachers & students to learn how to tackle environmental issues including deforestation through coding
Applications of computer networks

What are the various applications of Computer Networks?

Some  of the network applications in different field are the following : Marketing and sales: - Computer networks are widely...
Importance of Technology in Education

The Importance of Technology in Education

In an age when we are relying more on technology in our everyday lives, digital competency and technical skills are vital for...
What Is OSI reference model ?

What is OSI reference model ?

The international standards organization (ISO) in 1983, developed OSI model as a first step toward international standardization of the protocols used in...
What is a Computer Network ?

What do you mean by computer network? Discuss its advantages?

During 1950s, all computers were similar in one respect. They had main memory, a central processing unit (CPU), and peripherals. The CPU,...
Transistor E-Book

eBook series on Working with Transistors, an Avnet community, is offering its members a new two-part eBook series dedicated to educating engineers on the fundamentals of working...
Trends in Semiconductors

The Future is Bright, It’s here: Semiconductor Industry

Given today's rapid technological innovation, the semiconductor industry can look forward to growth. The semiconductor industry has been a pioneer in digitization...