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Vertex Form Calculator

Top 5 Useful Vertex Form Calculator Websites

Vertex Form Calculator | The coordinates of the vertex point on the parabola are easily provided via an equation known as the...
Educational Software for Students

5 Best Educational Software for Students in 2022

Educational Software for Students | Technology has made learning and teaching easier. Students can easily organise their assignments, manage their time, and...

STMicroelectronics & University of Catania launch a new Advanced Master’s Program

The University of Catania (Italy) and STMicroelectronics today announced a focused advanced master's degree program in Power Electronics Devices and Technologies.
DR. Abhilasha Talking about Home Automation

Choose Mobile Phone Repair as a Future Career

Do you seem to be interested in smartphone technology? Are you always interested in opening the parts to check how they work?...

Sign Up for Basic English Lessons for Spanish Speakers

If you’re a Spanish speaker, it’s never been easier to learn English. English can help you virtually wherever you are in the...
Flip-Flop Circuits ebook

New eBook on How Flip-Flop Circuits Work and their Potential Applications 

element14 has released a new eBook to provide its members with a strong understanding of how flip-flop circuits work and their potential...
Vocational learning

Vocational learning play a critical role in skill development and employability

Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI), a National Skill Development Corporation approved organization for skill development conducted a webinar for vocational...
Best Freelance Jobs options

Freelance Careers to Consider

Working freelance can seem like a fantasy career from the outside. Flexible hours, being your own boss, picking and choosing the work...
Online Schematics & Diagramming solution for Engineers

Scheme-it tool, A free Online Schematics & Diagramming solution for Engineers, Educators & Students

Digi-Key Scheme-it tool now offers a symbol integration with Ultra Librarian, custom symbol editor & the ability to add mathematical formulas to...
Augmented & Virtual Reality in School Education

Honoris United Universities introduces Augmented & Virtual Reality platform to enhance Student experience

Students will have the opportunity to experience virtual field trips, undergo simulated lab exercises, emulate real-life building projects & more