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Augmented & Virtual Reality in School Education

Honoris United Universities introduces Augmented & Virtual Reality platform to enhance Student experience

Students will have the opportunity to experience virtual field trips, undergo simulated lab exercises, emulate real-life building projects & more
Samsung E.D.G.E. Campus Program

Samsung India Launches Sixth Edition of Samsung E.D.G.E. Campus Program

Invites Young Minds to Innovate on New-Age Solutions Samsung, India's most trusted and desirable brand, has commenced the sixth...
Revolution’ race car project

Powell Electronics sponsors the InMotion student team from Eindhoven University of Technology

Connectors and expertise for ‘Revolution’ race car project Powell Electronics announces its sponsorship of the InMotion student team of the Eindhoven...
Career in RAC

RAC Industry: A career always be in Demand

Want to go into a career that will always be in demand? Consider Refrigeration and Air Condition (RAC). Because nearly every building...
How Online Coding Classes Benefits Your Child's Future

Coding and Technology: How Online Coding Classes Benefits Your Child’s Future

Online coding classes have been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years. Even before the pandemic happened, parents and...
Differentiate between routers, bridges and gateways

Differentiate between routers, bridges and gateways

Bridges:- A bridge operates at the data link layer of the OSI model.A bridge transmits the frames between...
What is Gateway and Half Gateway

What is Gateway and Half Gateway?

A gateway is a device that is used to connect totally dissimilar networks. Gateways handle messages, addresses and protocol conversions necessary to...
Digi-Key Electronics 2021 Back2School Prize Draw

Digi-Key Electronics Announces 2021 Back2School Prize Draw

Sweepstakes Fosters Innovation and Learning for Students Digi-Key Electronics will hold their highly anticipated annual Back2School Prize Draw sweepstakes,...
Educational devices & kits for students

DFRobot’s Robotics Kits & Boson Starter Kits now available from element14

DFRobot’s robotics kits & the popular Boson Starter Kits are ideal for educators, students & novice electronics enthusiasts element14 has expanded...
InkSmith’s Climate Action Kit

InkSmith’s Climate Action Kit is now available from element14

The Climate Action Kit by Inksmith encourages teachers & students to learn how to tackle environmental issues including deforestation through coding