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Power Designer tool

Flex celebrates free-to-use, downloadable Flex Power Designer tool tenth anniversary

In 2022, Flex Power Modules is celebrating the tenth anniversary of their free-to-use, downloadable Flex Power Designer tool. After two years of...
TouchGFX 4.20

TouchGFX 4.20: Sharing Custom Containers Is Caring! Check the New Export Feature

TouchGFX 4.20 is now available for download. With this version, we aim to TouchGFX 4.20 help developers share their creations with their teammates...
What Is an RF Attenuator

RAQ Issue 204: RF Demystified—What Is an RF Attenuator?

Question: What is an RF attenuator and how do I select the right one for my application?

Rising demand for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) market expected to exceed $28.6 bn by 2032

The global electronic design market was estimated at US$ 12.5 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow by 8% year over...
Online Store Ships Fully-Customized Precision Timing Solutions

Industry’s first Online Customized Precision Timing Solutions Store as fast as 48 hours

 SiTime Corporation opened SiTimeDirect™ – the industry’s first online store to ship fully-customized precision timing solutions; most ship as fast as 48 hours. The...
element14 community congratulates winners of Just Encase Design Challenge

element14 community congratulates winners of Just Encase Design Challenge, an Avnet community, has announced the winning designs of its "Just Encase" Design Challenge, where 55 participants from around the world designed...
Silicon Topology has joined our Design Center Alliance to address the growing demand for high-quality chip designs using TSMC’s industry-leading technologies

Silicon Topology Joins TSMC Design Center Alliance

Silicon Topology announced that it has joined the Design Center Alliance (DCA) of TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP). Silicon Topology specializes in...
designing an IoT gateway

Secure IoT Gateway for Industrial Applications

Introduction This article discusses various aspects of designing an IoT gateway. A reference architecture is also discussed as a...
mouser blog

Gateway Implementations with RISC-V

Reduced instruction-set architectures (ISAs) such as RISC-V provide greater efficiency and less drag on resources than their more complex counterparts. Industrial Internet...
Synopsys DesignDash Autonomously Uncovers Untapped, Actionable Design Insights to Accelerate the IC Design Process

Synopsys Launches the Era of Smarter SoC Design with ML-Driven Big Data Analytics Technology

Driving greater design productivity by harnessing previously untapped design insights with machine learning technology, Synopsys, Inc. announced a critical expansion of its EDA data...