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Microcontroller Platforms

Consideration when Migrating Microcontroller Platforms

The Covid pandemic has significantly impacted lead times on everything from passive components to wireless modules, meaning even the best-prepared engineering and...
Simulation Software

Hexagon Elements Simulation Software help Engineers Design increasingly complex products with system-level modelling

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has introduced Elements, new Simulation Software that helps engineering teams understand the behaviour of systems that are becoming...
High Voltage Applications

How to Leverage the Inverting Buck-Boost Topology in High Voltage Applications

Question: How can you easily select the right coil for high voltage inverting buck-boost topologies? Answer:
RF Wireless Design Resources

Mouser Electronics offer In-Depth RF Wireless Design Resources

Mouser Electronics empowers engineering professionals to further their RF wireless solution designs with extensive informational resources. Mouser and its world-leading manufacturing partners...
Development Kits & Engineering Tools

Mouser’s Resources for Development Kits & Engineering Tools

Mouser Electronics provides a wealth of services and tools to help engineers and purchasing professionals find the right products for their designs,...
Shunt Topology

Shunt Topology in Three-Phase Metering: Principles and Reference Designs

This article elucidates reference designs of the Three-Phase Smart Energy Meter developed by STMicroelectronics and the advantages of shunts over current sensors...
Centimeter-level Positioning

u-blox announces explorer kits for product designers needing Centimeter-level Positioning accuracy

Pioneering development kits will bring together u-blox’s unique blend of Centimeter-level Positioning & wireless communications expertise & services, to support faster time-to-market...
Download CAD Models

Visualize and Download CAD Models for PUI Audio products with new SnapEDA experience

SnapEDA, the first search engine for electronics design, and PUI Audio, an industry leader in audio and haptic components, have collaborated to...
SnapEDA Syndication Network

SnapEDA launches SnapEDA Syndication Network

Worldwide network of top electronic component distributors, printed circuit board (PCB) tool makers, & media sites have partnered with SnapEDA to provide...
Power Designer tool

Flex celebrates free-to-use, downloadable Flex Power Designer tool tenth anniversary

In 2022, Flex Power Modules is celebrating the tenth anniversary of their free-to-use, downloadable Flex Power Designer tool. After two years of...