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Protection Materials for Increased Performance and Reliability of LED Systems

Correct product selection is imperative to ensure LED performance and lifetime. Jade Bridges, Electrolube’s Global Technical Support Manager, highlights the use of...
Sustain The World’ Challenge

element14 ‘Sustain The World’ Challenge for green design solution

element14 has launched “Sustain The World” design challenge with Infineon technologies. This challenge encourages the community to create a new design...
automotive prototyping tool

AutoDevKit: A New Way to a Proof-of-Concept for Automotive Applications in Minutes

AutoDevKit is a development initiative that aims to offer fast and straightforward prototyping capabilities to teams designing key features for vehicles. From...
Open-Source Ventilator Reference Design

Renesas launched Open-Source Ventilator Reference Design

Renesas Electronics Corporation introduced a new open-source ventilator system reference design that customers can use to swiftly design ready-to-assemble boards for...
BPSK Applications

The Growing Popularity of BPSK in Direct Satellite IoT Applications

Agricultural monitoring, pipeline monitoring and marine search and rescue (SAR) beacons are classical IoT applications but their growth has been limited by connectivity...
automotive Smart-Gateway

STMicroelectronics’s Smart Gateway Platform for Automotive Smart-Gateway & Domain-Controller applications

The Smart Gateway Platform (SGP) from STMicroelectronics provides a valuable development tool for prototyping automotive Smart-Gateway and Domain-Controller applications.
FD-SOI Technologies

CEA-Leti’s L-UTSOI for FD-SOI Technologies Designated as a Chip-Industry Standard

L-UTSOI, a "compact model" dedicated to FD-SOI technologies and developed by CEA-Leti, has been selected as a standard model by the Compact Model...
Smart LED Lighting

Connected Lighting Platform with BLE & PoE capabilities

ON Semiconductor introduced the Connected Lighting Platform, leveraging the company's expertise in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and ultra-low-power Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity,...

Web Simulation Tool for Power Devices and ICs

Cutting-Edge Web Simulation Tool Capable of Complete circuit Verification for Power Devices and ICs "ROHM Solution Simulator”, allows designers of...
ASIC Design Protection

ASIC Design: Protecting Intellectual Property and Data

Technology delivers many advances that make our business and personal lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. However, as we become more reliant on technology...