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Electronics Prototyping

Electronics Prototyping: Benefits, Goals, and Risks

When a company’s CEO or managers come up with a new product idea, the development always starts with prototyping. While in many...
USB (Universal Serial Bus)

What is USB (Universal Serial Bus)? – Guide to USB & Its Types

In your daily lives, you may have come across many electronic devices and components and one such device is a USB (Universal...
Low Latency LEO Satellite

The Internet from Space: RFIC Advances in High Capacity, Low Latency LEO Satellite User...

Introduction This article introduces key market trends driving low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite deployments. It will discuss the...
Electronics Kits

The Modern Rules of Electronics Kits

Electronics can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Some people like to start with individual parts and components, while others may choose...
High Voltage Applications

How to Leverage the Inverting Buck-Boost Topology in High Voltage Applications

Question: How can you easily select the right coil for high voltage inverting buck-boost topologies? Answer:
AI-powered testing tools

Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing – AI-powered testing tools

AI-powered testing tools can be a great asset for any tester as they help locate errors in the coding of software
Shunt Topology

Shunt Topology in Three-Phase Metering: Principles and Reference Designs

This article elucidates reference designs of the Three-Phase Smart Energy Meter developed by STMicroelectronics and the advantages of shunts over current sensors...
3D Sensors

Why are 3D Sensors known as a crucial tech innovation?

Technology has become an essential element of our lives, and when we say high-end technology, the first thing that comes to our...
Image Signal Processor

Image Signal Processor market to boost in the coming years!

The most important aspect of our smartphones is the Image Signal Processor or ISP, which is a part made up of silicon...
5G Test Solutions and Products

Anritsu offers a Complete Range of 5G Test Solutions and Products

As part of the development of mobile communications systems through 3G and onwards to 4G, Anritsu has worked on evaluating customers' products...