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5G Active Antenna

Renesas & AMD to Demo Full RF & Digital Front-End Design for 5G Active...

The RF Front End Includes RF Switches & Pre-Drivers & Is Integrated with the AMD RFSoC Digital Front End ZCU Evaluation Kit
Input-Referred Calculations

Practical Input-Referred Calculations in Precision Systems

Abstract This article gives an overview of input-referred calculations and simulations in precision systems and how to get...
Waterproof Connectors

Experimenting with Waterproof Connectors Design Challenge

Participants encouraged to creatively explore and experiment with Waterproof Connectors kit in first design challenge of 2023 element14, an...
Phase-Locked Loop

StudentZone—ADALM2000 Activity: The Phase-Locked Loop

Objective This lab activity is an introduction to Phase-Locked Loop (PLL). The Phase-Locked Loop circuit has several important applications,...
Sensor Design Resource Site

Mouser announced the launch of Sensor Design Resource Site

Mouser Electronics announced the launch of a new Sensor Design Resource Site dedicated to sensor design guides. The resource site features a...
Simulation Software

Hexagon Elements Simulation Software help Engineers Design increasingly complex products with system-level modelling

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has introduced Elements, new Simulation Software that helps engineering teams understand the behaviour of systems that are becoming...
High Voltage Applications

How to Leverage the Inverting Buck-Boost Topology in High Voltage Applications

Question: How can you easily select the right coil for high voltage inverting buck-boost topologies? Answer:
RF Wireless Design Resources

Mouser Electronics offer In-Depth RF Wireless Design Resources

Mouser Electronics empowers engineering professionals to further their RF wireless solution designs with extensive informational resources. Mouser and its world-leading manufacturing partners...
Design & Analytics

How Design & Analytics can fuel process Automation

element14 released the fourth episode in Series 2 of The Innovation Experts podcast, featuring Eaton showcasing How Design & Analytics can fuel process Automation
Development Kits & Engineering Tools

Mouser’s Resources for Development Kits & Engineering Tools

Mouser Electronics provides a wealth of services and tools to help engineers and purchasing professionals find the right products for their designs,...