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FUJITSU AI-powered Healthcare Solution “HOPE ROMREC”

Fujitsu announced the launch of a new AI-powered physical rehabilitation solution in Japan, the "FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE ROMREC", offering medical institutions...
Electronic Health Record

Global Electronic Health Records Market

An electronic health record or simply EHR refers to a digitized version of the paper chart of a patient. These health related...

V-Sensor wearables, smartphones & mobile devices with integrated clinically-accurate health vital signs

LMD’s V-Sensor measures blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse rate, respiration rate & temperature measurements to medical accuracy with no other devices required
blood pressure measurement wireless

Pocket-Sized Standalone Device with V-Sensor with Clinically-Accurate Vital Signs Measurements

Leman Micro Devices announces a partnership with Shanghai Minshi, a cutting-edge technology device designer and producer, and Bluetooth technology company WuQi, also...
COVID-19 Home Test kit

Ellume selected Nordic’s Bluetooth solution for high volume, FDA-authorized COVID-19 Home Test

Nordic’s nRF52810 Bluetooth LE SoC powers COVID-19 Home Test kit set to ship in tens of millions. The at-home test will help...
molecular diagnostic detection

STMicroelectronics Works with Alifax on Rapid, Cost-Efficient Point-of-Care Medical Testing

STMicroelectronics and Alifax S.r.l have worked together on a rapid, cost-efficient portable solution that will be available from Alifax, for point-of-care molecular...
Healthcare Sensor

Health Sensor Platform 3.0 for Healthcare Wearables

Reduces Development Time of Healthcare Wearables by At Least Six Months MAXREFDES104# ,a wrist form factor reference design ready...
The design of the finished heart valves is inspired by human biology.

Bioinspired Artificial Heart Valves Made by Silicone Additive Manufacturing

preeflow eco-PEN300 "prints" synthetic implant In an additive manufacturing process, virtual heart valve models are created with the aid...

element14 provides advice on securing the supply chain for medical components in uncertain times

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented purchasers with a major challenge in sourcing electronic components and resulted in healthcare systems worldwide facing...
Digital headwear equipment sensor connected to the ear. Source: Adobe Stock

Medical Wearable Dispensing Application

Dispensing of a high viscous grease with an eco-PEN330 preeflow dispenser Most people think of smart watches when it...