RS Components offers 800 new Bahco tools for thousands of applications

Oxford, UK, 16 March 2017: RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, has added over 800 products to its Bahco tool range.

Targeted at engineers and maintenance personnel in the oil and gas, utilities, food and beverage, aerospace and transportation industries, the newly introduced tools cover a variety of applications, including working at height, use in explosive atmospheres and general-purpose work.

The tools for use at height, comprised of over 200 products including screwdrivers, spanners, sockets and pliers, incorporate product specific solutions that enable them to be connected to lanyards and tool belts to prevent any risk to personnel or equipment below if they are inadvertently dropped.

The tools are designed for use in tasks involving scaffolding, ladders or any other place that involves working at height, where falling tools can cause accidents or damage with consequences that affect both health and productivity. RS also has available other Bahco tools-at-height products, including elastic and retractable tool lanyards, hang bags, backpacks, pouches and belts.

The non-sparking tool range comprises more than 400 tools including hammers, combination, adjustable and slogging spanners, made from various specialist alloys such as brass, bronze, copper-aluminium alloys (aluminium bronze), or copper-beryllium alloys (beryllium bronze), which are specifically designed to reduce the risk of sparks when used in hazardous or potentially explosive environments. As well as in oil and gas, aerospace, and automotive applications, these tools will also be used in places where a high concentration of combustible particles, such as powders or other flammable media, are present, such as in flour mills and the beverage industry.

The air tools, comprising impact wrenches from Bahco’s new composite range, are ideal for general use in a variety of applications, including manufacturing, maintenance workshops and automotive servicing centres. The range offers numerous models, with different capabilities (rpm, torque and strikes per minute) to suit specific application needs.

Celebrating its 130th anniversary, Bahco has also launched a special anniversary tool trolley comprising 212 tools, which is ideal for all engineering and MRO environments. It features large wheels to assist easy manoeuvrability, drawers that have a high load capacity, and a double skinned wall of the cabinet that reduces the likelihood of damage in the event of any impact.

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