Tesla’s new Model 3 and how Cisco helps create a connected world

The connected car is just one part of the Internet of Things universe—see how we're leading the change.

The much-awaited $35,000 Model 3 Tesla is finally here. The company turned over 30 new Model 3 cars to their owners at an event in Fremont, California—the first group of an anticipated pack of people who will own the new model. The company revealed it has around half a million pre-orders for the all-electric Model 3.

Mashable reports the Model 3 is a much simpler car than Tesla’s Model S. 250,000 Model 3 sedans can be built in the time it takes to build 50,000 Model S cars—a design change made to move the Model 3 as quickly as possible.

It’s still undetermined whether the Model 3 is a fully autonomous driver less car, but it is capable of autopilot driving. The car also is entirely key-less; instead using the driver’s smartphone or an NFC-equipped card to unlock and start the car.

Cisco works to bring the newest technology to cars, helping to create the smart vehicle of the future.

Cisco-acquired Jasper is an IoT connectivity management platform that helps to manage data through the cloud. ZDNet reports that Jasper is now powering almost every connected car in the world. Honda is launching connected cars in Europe, and Jasper will help provide the connectivity, network coverage, telematics, and sensors for those cars.

Cisco is partnered with Hyundai to develop a hardware platform for smart cars. These vehicles will have high-speed connectivity via Ethernet with end-to-end security.

Cisco also partners with General Motors to help create cars equipped with new technology. The two companies are working together to rethink how drivers can now interact with their vehicles.

Using Cisco’s technology for the Internet of Things, GM cars can now better manage data going to the vehicle, and create new services and offerings that best enhance the customer and driver experience.

Cisco and Cisco-acquired Jasper helps create these realities for the connected car, managing IoT connectivity services through the cloud. SVP and General Manager of Cisco’s IoT Rowan Trollope writes that Cisco and Jasper can collect data to help customers and businesses deliver effective services based on that data.

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