Alliance Memory Achieves 1,000 Design Registrations Milestone

In a sign of growing recognition among distributors of its status as a key player, Alliance Memory has achieved more than 1,000 design registrations in a program begun late last year and is adding new registrations at a rate of more than 100 per month. The accomplishment also reflects the company’s robust growth, which has accelerated with the addition to its portfolio of must-have memory ICs of a complete line of synchronous DRAMs (SDRAMs), DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 SDRAMs, and low-power/mobile DRAMs (LPDDR) — many of which are often in short supply elsewhere.

“Alliance Memory has worked very hard to build our global distribution network and to be one of the manufacturers that our distributors value as a trusted partner,” said TJ Mueller, Alliance Memory’s vice president of marketing. “The success of our design registration program shows that this strategy is working. The process of tracking and following up with design registrations ensures that distributors are rewarded for the hard work they do in pursuit of design wins while at the same time providing Alliance Memory with much greater visibility of the applications and end products for which our products are being used. This helps us to be a better partner for our distributors and a better resource for the end customer.”

“While it’s true distributors will often register more than one memory vendor for the same opportunity, our experience has been of winning out when other manufacturers lose their motivation to supply the DRAMs for which customers have come to depend on us,” said Sue Macedo, Alliance Memory EMEA managing director. “With each passing month, this is more and more the case, as other vendors experience shortages of the memory ICs for which Alliance Memory has become an indispensable resource for manufacturers around the world.”

“I’m mindful every day of how our channel partners have contributed to our growth, and our design registration program helps us to give back in several ways. For example, by giving us an early indicator of which of our products are most popular, the program allows us to forecast demand better and plan farther ahead to order wafers and finished goods,” said David Bagby, Alliance Memory’s president and CEO. “It takes a distributor considerable time and effort to complete a registration submission, but our goal is to make that process pay off, not just with preferential pricing but also by helping us both to serve our customers better.”

Alliance Memory follows the Design Registration Best Practices recommended by the Electronic Components Industry Association.