Beware when Buying Internet Connected Toys

If you are a technology freak and would like to bring or gift connected devices or toys to your loved ones and kids of your family then think twice.  Recently in news, the internet connected toys with camera and location tracking services can be at risk to get hacked. Today, as connected devices are increasing at your personal drawers, at the same speed they are pampering kids with their charming actions.

Connected or Smart Toys can talk to kids and answer their questions as they are not just toys; they are gadgets with machine learning abilities and internet connectivity.  To make the toys more innovative manufacturers deploy sensors, microphones, cameras, Location tracking device,  speech recognition but fail to make them secure from vulnerabilities.  Poorly secured connected gadgets are more prone to hackers and for hackers, it does not matter whether its a server computer or a connected toy as from inside they all are computers, added Kidsco.

If once these connected toys are hacked, the hacker will get all the information about your kid and nearby environment.  These devices, though not all, may pose security and privacy threats and can spy on your home and kid. The FBI had already given the warning about the connected toys. This is not the first time these issues noticed but the growing interest and festive season have posed the major threat.  Security experts say it’s better not to bring them home to prevent hackers as manufacturers are least bothered about the security which is at risk due to hackers or the companies itself.

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