Tendasuccessfully organised Partner Training programme in Delhi

Tenda India recently held a partner training program titled as Networking Conclave for its partner in New Delhi. The meet was attended by 30+ Prime Partners across New Delhi Region.

The objective of Tenda’s Partner Training program was to help partners gain insight into Tenda’s hot-selling units as well as to make partners equipped for its new soon to be launch products, Plus to address numerous challenges they face. After a slowdown in IT Market due to some uncalled reasons, Tenda wanted to be certain it makes it partners ready and capable to work unitedly during market’s crucial situation. With a perfect run through of Networking Conclave, Tenda plans to inform its partners that they are soon going to get chance to sell more number of Tenda products in India. With respect to it, Partners received a chance to sneak peek and test and feel Tenda’s soon to be launch Nova MW6; a true mesh networking router, along with other new products such as two all-new AC Standard dual-band routers, a portable 300Mbps Mini USB Adapter U3 & its entry-level gigabit POE Switch TEG1105P.

Tenda’s partner training program served its purpose as partners were more confident about the products with better functional knowledge about them. With this initiative, Tenda wants to be sure that Tenda’s partners pitch the perfect product to a respective customer according to their demand.

After a successful conclusion of Networking Conclave in New Delhi, Tenda has a further checklist of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai to tick off from the list.

“This training programme was one of top precedence for us to start the year with, and with the new year we wanted to boost our partner’s confidence in their business and in Tenda products, Interacting with our partners on a face-to-face level not only does bond our relationship with them but also builds a longlasting business environment.  As we are planning to introduce a plethora of products in 2018, it was necessary to give our partners heads-up on what they soon will be selling out to potential buyers” Said Mr Frank Rao, G.M. India & SAARC, Tenda.