World-First PCI Express Test Solution with Multivendor Oscilloscope Support

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) is exhibiting its Signal Quality Analyzer-RMP1900A series and Compliance Test Solution developed in collaboration with Granite River Labs (GRL) and Teledyne LeCroyat the PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2018 starting June 5th ,2018 in the USA.

The announced test solution supports both PCI Express transmitter and receiver tests using automation software for the MP1900A. In addition, it enables connection of customers’ oscilloscopes with the MP1900A by supporting real-time oscilloscopes from the three main manufacturers, permitting automation of complex receiver tests required for evaluating devices in accordance with the PCI Express standards. Automated testing lightens the workload burden on test engineers by cutting the previous 10 hours required for manual testing to almost no time.


The next PCI Express Gen5 standard increases the 32 GT/s, PCI Express Gen4 transmission speed to 16GT/s and is expected to be adopted for use as the internal interface in equipment such as transmission devices, servers, storage, etc., used mainly in data centers.

As a resultof the increased speed of next-generation PCI Express, customers must either upgrade or replaceboth their bit error rate tester and oscilloscopes while taking items such as performance and price into consideration. Previously, despite the BERT and oscilloscope being separate instruments, customers’only optionwas to purchase instrumentsfrom the same vendor, making it impossible to select the highest-quality instruments from different vendors to achieve high-reproducibility evaluations.

To solve this problem and remove the limitations requiringequipment purchase from the same vendor, Anritsu has partnered with GRL and TeledyneLeCroy to develop a PCI Express test solution based on the combination of automation software supporting BERT measurements up to PCI Express Gen5 transmission speeds usingAnritsu’s MP1900A with excellent basic performance (low intrinsic jitter/noise, high input sensitivity, etc.) and customers’ own high-quality oscilloscopes.

 [Test Solution Outline]

This test solution automates the complextransmitter and receiver tests for next-generation PCI Express standards by controlling the MP1900A and oscilloscope using GRL and TeledyneLeCroy automation software to support effective and simple device tests with good reproducibility.

The MP1900A is a wideband BERT with high-quality waveforms and high input sensitivity to implement high-reproducibility tests for evaluating not only PCI Express devices but also high-speed serial devices, such as 400GbE. Moreover, the MP1900A BERT has excellent cost-performance due to its easy expandability supporting next-generation standards, including PCI Express Gen5 and PAM4.

[Features of GRL and TeledyneLeCroy Automation Software]

Automating the complex receiver tests for PCI Express devices lightens the workload burden on test engineers by cutting the previous 10 hours required for manual testing to almost no time.

・Increases user operability by providing interface with simple measurement settings and       test execution
・Creates PDF format reports to reduce user’s workload

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