The automotive industry is on the cusp of one of the biggest changes in its 100 history. The emergence of 5G will transform the industry’s traditional business model to give way to a radical new approach. Cars will become not just a device for mobility, but a “mobile device” – a platform for innovative, compelling applications that enrich user experience. 5G will enable cars to communicate electronically with other vehicles on the road and with the road itself, exchanging real-time information such as current speed, performance data, road conditions and precise location. It enables a whole new level of safety, traffic flow solutions and ultimately the era of self-driving vehicle.

To pave the way for this new era, the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries must collaborate to address the crucial issues such as standardization, implementation timeline, network coverage, infrastructure, security and privacy of 5G.
Join top industry experts and professionals from September 25th to 26th of 2018 in Berlin to learn about how 5G will drive the future of the automotive industry. Topics to be discussed include:

• A timeline for 5G
• Update on standardization
• Managing the transition to autonomous driving
• Optimizing network coverage
• Developing a service-driven 5G architecture
• Addressing cyber security and data privacy issues
• V2V and V2X case studies

Main market players will share their knowledge, ideas and experience with many liked-minded individuals at the conference. Throughout the two days, plenty of case studies, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities are provided for participants to immerse themselves into the environment of knowledge and innovations. All attendees will have an opportunity to discuss about overcoming current industry challenges, and to be influential on the overall development of the industry. To learn more about the forum: