2 New Motors Drivers with multiple Applications & outstanding price-to-performance ratio

2 New Motors Drivers with So Many Applications It'll Make Your Head Spin

A few weeks ago, STMicroelectronics launched the STSPIN830 and the STSPIN840, and we decided to dig deeper into what makes these two components unique. The STSPIN830 is also one of the prominent devices at the STM32 Motor Control workshop, with labs using its development board to assist attendees as they navigate the ST ecosystem. Both devices also represent a new push towards markets that tend to prioritize costs, and it was thus crucial to show why we expect these two components to offer an outstanding price-to-performance ratio in the industry.

The STSPIN830 and STSPIN840 adopt the same strategy as the STSPIN820, the smallest 45 V motor driver with a resolution of up to 256 microsteps, which means that they all fully embrace miniaturization and a better performance-cost trade-off approach. However, whereas the STSPIN820 is for a stepper motor, the STSPIN830 targets Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, while brushed DC models get the STSPIN840. On a purely technical level, the latter could also drive a stepper motor, but users would lose a lot of the precision and features available in the STSPIN820. The inherent level of performance of all these models is one of their best-kept secrets. Indeed, competing components at this price range are often about what designers have to give up. With these devices, it’s all about what they gain.

 Explore the full features of the two Motors Drivers https://blog.st.com/stspin830-stspin840-motor-drivers/