TapNLink: ST’s NFC Tag for Your Microcontroller, This is Instant IoT for All

TapNLink, from the French company IoTize, is the first RF module that directly connects to a microcontroller’s (MCU) debug port to significantly facilitate development and offers an original approach to design. In a nutshell, the device, which uses ST’s ST25DV-I2C NFC tag, enables one mobile terminal to read and write data on another device’s MCU. This approach is so original, it won Best Emerging Concept at the 2018 NFC Forum Innovation Awards last month. TapNLink can also combine NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) so users can switch from one to the other when necessary. We thus thought it’d be interesting to sit down with IoTize to learn more about this promising technology that its creators describe as “instant and easy connectivity for your embedded application.”