Aricent will work collaboratively to create common & open source edge computing architectures

that are optimized for the application developer community

Aricent announced that it has joined The Linux Foundation’s LF Edge project as a Premier Member. LF Edge works to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud or operating system, to ultimately form a software edge that brings together the best of cloud, telecom, IoT and enterprise markets.

Aricent has established a track record of delivering robust edge server-less, data-plane and distributed workload management frameworks for several mobile operators. Through this new partnership, Aricent will work collaboratively to create common and open source architectures that allow developers to deliver the next generation of customer experiences.

Edge computing will be vital to realize the benefits of 5G mobile communications by distributing data and application processing closer to the point of consumption, thereby lowering latency and enhancing quality of service. According to some estimates, the market for mobile edge computing could exceed US$400 million by 2025.

“Multi-access edge will become the de facto architecture for the future of networks and compute, however the developer community does not want to grapple with propriety approaches,” said Walid Negm, Chief Technology Officer at Aricent and Group Chief Innovation Officer at Altran. “Our participation in LF Edge illustrates our commitment to open source software that will help quickly stabilize the technology stacks and give developers a clear and consistent pathway to creating value.”

Through its work with LF Edge, Aricent will work to enrich the developer community with open frameworks that allow operators, industry and data center providers to leverage a globally interoperable, and simple edge compute platform.  Aricent will contribute content and expertise in secure network virtualization, intelligent containerization and distributed workload management for edge networks.

“LF Edge is set to advance the edge computing landscape by establishing a common framework for edge computing which will enable development across multiple segments, including enterprise, IoT, cloud, and telecom,” said Arpit Joshipura, general manager, Networking, Automation, & Edge/IoT, with The Linux Foundation. “We are eager to incorporate Aricent’s expertise in these verticals to ensure greater harmonization among the rapidly growing number of edge initiatives.”

LF Edge is comprised of five initial projects that will support emerging edge applications in the areas of non-traditional video and connected things. More than 60 global organizations already are a part of LF Edge, working to advance a common, constructive edge network that drives better, more secure development for diverse and complex edge applications.