Bel’s new Hybrid/Electric 25 kW on-Board Battery Charger

Charging for Hybrid or Full Electric Vehicles in Mining or Industrial Environments

Bel Power Solutions today announced the BCN25-700-8, a 25 kW on-board battery charger that converts 3-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. The enclosure is made of aluminum alloy and is liquid-cooled. Providing 25 kW of output power for a single unit, and up to 100 kW of output power for 4 units, the BCN25 has high efficiency and high reliability, with a compact footprint of 524 x 340 x 84 mm (20.63 x 13.39 x 3.31 inches) and weighing only 19.4 kg (42.77 lbs).

Bel’s new hybrid/electric battery charger features an input voltage at 3-phase of 460 Vac – 575 Vac (line to line) and an output voltage from 250 Vdc to 800 Vdc, 37.5 A, with galvanic isolation between the input and output. The product is compliant to SAE J1939 for CAN Bus communication while the case is IP65 and IP57 compliant. Safety standards include UL2202 and CE approvals.

Typical industrial, construction and mining applications include charging full electric vehicles where no neutral is required. It should be noted that this charger is designed for industrial environments and is not intended to connect to any public grid.