Infineon IGBT Power Module for compact & scalable inverter designs

Infineon Technologies AG extends its large portfolio of high voltage devices with a new package: XHP 3. This is a new flexible IGBT module platform for high-power applications in the voltage range from 3,3 kV up to 6,5 kV. The module allows for scalable designs with best-in-class reliability and highest power density. Due to its symmetrical design with low stray inductance, it offers significantly improved switching behavior. For this reason, the XHP 3 platform offers a solution for demanding applications such as traction and commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles as well as medium-voltage drives. The high-power platform will be showcased at PCIM 2019.

Infineon’s XHP 3 package comprises a compact form factor with 140 mm in length, 100 mm in width and 40 mm in height. The first IGBT modules of this new high-power platform feature a half bridge topology with a blocking voltage of 3,3 kV and a nominal current of 450 A. In order to meet customers’ demands, two different isolation classes are launched simultaneously: 6 kV (FF450R33T3E3) and 10.4 kV (FF450R33T3E3_B5) isolation, respectively. Ultrasonic welded terminals and aluminum nitride substrates along with an aluminum silicon carbide base plate ensure the highest possible level of reliability and robustness.

The high-power IGBT module is designed for paralleling and, for this reason, offers a new level of scalability. System designers can now easily adapt the desired power level by paralleling the required number of XHP 3 modules. To facilitate scaling, Infineon offers pre-grouped devices featuring a matched set of static and dynamic parameters. Using these grouped modules, de-rating is no longer required when paralleling up to eight XHP 3 devices.


The XHP 3 3,3 kV IGBT modules can be ordered now. More information is available at