Panasonic’s Access IoT Conference on Short Range Wireless Connectivity

For the first time Panasonic Industry Europe held the Access IoT Conference on the 14th of March 2019 in Paris. It was one of the most exciting conferences on short-range wireless connectivity with seven stimulating keynote and technical speeches.

Key technologies discussed on the Access IoT were Bluetooth, WiFi and 802.15.4, with specific subjects like Bluetooth Mesh, next gen WiFi solutions, a sneak preview in to Bluetooth 5.1 standard development, Bluetooth LE Gateway or WiFi 6 and beyond for next gen of low power IoT applications.

You can now watch all key talkers’ speeches of the Access IoT Conference like Martin Woolley (Bluetooth SIG), Rudi Latuske (Open Synergy), Mathias Hopp (Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe), Jorgen Holmefjord (Nordic Semiconductor), Sree Durbha (Marvell Semiconductor Inc.), Sven Hegner (Toshiba) and Saleem Kala (NXP).

Please find all videos of the first Access IoT Conference here:

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