AAF HEPA filters in International Space Station

50 years now, AAF AIR Filters on Apollo Mission 11 and Today in International Space Station

AAF (American Air Filter), the world’s largest clean air solutions provider takes immense pride to be a part of a historic mission to the moon – Apollo 11, 1969. Lunar Module Filters from AAF was used in the Apollo 11 mission to prevent contamination of the lunar surface. Today, AAF HEPA filters are installed in the International Space Station.

AAF celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission with pride that the company’s Lunar Module filters were used to prevent contamination of the moon with particles brought from earth. They were specially manufactured for Apollo 11 mission which was approximately eight inches in diameter and weighing one-third of a pound. The latch mechanism was designed so that the astronauts could easily handle it while in their spacesuits.

Earlier this year, AAF’s particulate and biofilters were installed in International Space Station. Prior to these filters, Flanders (an AAF subsidiary) filters were installed and maintained for 20 years in the International Space Station. 

AAF HEPA filters, particularly AstroCel II are lightweight and compact in design. The durability and reliable performance in terms of sustained efficiency of AAF HEPA filters make the International Space Station choose AstroCel II HEPA over the competition.

Know More: https://www.aafintl.com/en/commercial/browse-products/commercial/hepa-ulpa-filters/astrocel-ii