V2X on Telemaco3P & SOM-301, The Hardware and Software Advantages

Announced at MWC Shanghai 2019 a collaboration with Unex, a Taiwanese company that specializes in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), and recommend their SOM-301 System-on-Module for our Telemaco3P Modular Telematics Platform (TC3P-MTP). It was essential for ST to ensure that engineers and developers looking to create a comprehensive and compliant V2X application know what to get to save time and focus on building their best product. The modularity of TC3P-MTP system means that designers can, in principle, add any Wi-Fi, modem, or V2X expansion cards, thanks to one of our three expansion ports, and start prototyping their future system. However, this approach demands that all components interact appropriately with one another and that the applications meet the stringent requirements of the various specifications guaranteeing the safety, security, efficiency, and interoperability of the vehicles on the road.

TC3P-MTP is the development platform for our Telemaco3P (STA1385) System-on-Chip for automotive. Among many other things, the component offers an ample computational headroom thanks to two Cortex-A7 running at up to 600 MHz, and it protects users against cyber attacks with its Hardware Security Module. Thanks to the TC3P-MTP, engineers can start prototyping quicker and reduce the complexities inherent to the design of a custom PCB.

For more, visit ST Blog https://blog.st.com/v2x-telemaco3p-som-301/