“CAUTION NOTICE” from Electrolube India

BE IT KNOWN TO ALL CONCERNED that our client- M/s Electrolube India, a division of HK Wentworth (India) Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (herein after referred as Our Client) having its registered office situated at 73, 6th Main, 3rd Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Peenya, Bangalore-560058 is into the business of providing chemical products to the electronics industry including thermal management materials, conformal coatings, encapsulation resins, electronic cleaning solutions, general maintenance products etc.  

It is informed that our client alone is entitled to use the Material Safety Data Sheet of the products namely: Epoxy Resin ER6002-Part A and Epoxy Resin ER6002-Part B, which is one of the bestselling and well known product widely used for used for potting of electrical capacitor and other electrical protection devices. That Material Safety Data Sheet for the said products provides comprehensive information on aspiration hazards, toxicological and ecological information, along with the product so as to ensure safe usage, handling, storage, disposal of the product, measure to protect workers at risk of exposure, emergency procedures etc.

It is informed that all those who are making use the Material Safety Data Sheet in respect of the above mentioned products would constitute piracy and invasion upon the rights of our client. Unauthorized user would be liable for monetary damages and equitable relief pursuing all available legal remedies and injunctive relief including the penal provisions under the applicable laws.

It is informed that the investing public, consumers, manufactures, dealers are hereby cautioned against such piracy and misrepresentation and are requested to bring to the notice of our client instances of such illegal acts and inducement.  This would enable our client to institute appropriate steps against such firms/companies/individuals who are not only causing loss and damages to our client, but are acting to prejudice of the public as well.

Note: Details of the concerned authority –

Address:  M/s Electrolube India  

(a division of HK Wentworth (India) Pvt. Ltd.)    

73, 6th Main, 3rd Phase,

Peenya Industrial Area,

Peenya, Bangalore-560058.

–On behalf of M/s. Electrolube India

King Stubb &Kasiva

Advocates & Attorneys