Photovoltaic Converters, Get More from the Sun with STM32 High-Resolution Timers

As more engineers work on photovoltaic solutions, STMicroelectronics  B-G474E-DPOW1 Discovery kit, with its STM32G474, can help them design better solar inverters. Just like the STM32F334, this MCU integrates high-resolution timers to offer tighter voltage regulations.

Photovoltaic systems harness solar power and convert it into usable electrical energy. They rest on three major elements: power generation (1), power load (2), and the balance of system or BOS (3). 

Power generation is the arrays of solar panels where photons knock out free electrons to generate DC electricity. The power load is the alternating current that powers devices in homes, factories, etc. The BOS is the infrastructure that sits between the solar panels and load. It includes the wiring, battery banks, battery chargers, and, among other things, the power converters that will be at the center of this blog post.

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