Efinix to open its Quantum technology in SIP or licensable core formats under Reconfigurable Acceleration Platform

Efinix announced general availability of its Reconfigurable Acceleration Platform (RAP) initiative. Under the RAP initiative, Efinix will open its Quantum technology to a wider variety of engagement models.

“While Efinix has partnered to provide its Quantum technology in SIP or licensable core formats, most of our customer engagements to date have been with the popular Trion® and Trion Titanium lines of FPGAs,” said Mark Oliver, VP of marketing at Efinix. “The RAP initiative gives customers expanded access to known good die for SIP integration, core integration with customer-defined peripheral IP, and licensable cores for inclusion in customer-specific ASIC designs.”

The RAP initiative builds upon a wealth of experience gained in custom engagements with partners. It aims to deliver the Quantum technology’s power, performance, and area advantage to edge computing applications where space and thermal considerations can be particularly constraining. By working with Efinix in RAP engagements, partners can develop custom ASIC and SIP products that are tailored to the exact requirements of particular applications while retaining the acceleration and real-time hardware optimization that is the cornerstone of Efinix’s Quantum technology.

“As one of the early access partners to the RAP program, we licensed the core Quantum technology and were able to verify its potentials,” said ChanHo Yoon, Master of Memory Advanced Solution Development at Samsung Electronics. “Working closely with Efinix, the cores were successfully ported to our 10nm process node and integrated with our controller IP for verification.”

The Efinix RAP initiative was born out of a realization that no one FPGA configuration can be perfect for every application. By separating the Quantum core technology from the peripheral interfaces and providing it to partners to use in their own custom designs, customers can now create cost-effective custom solutions with an application-specific mix of peripherals and system elements. The RAP initiative’s range of engagement options means that customers can select the time to market, investment, and risk profile that best fits their market and design capabilities.

“Our business is industrial control and automation. We needed a turnkey solution in a small footprint that would perform a custom function in a cost-effective design. There were no solutions on the market that met all those criteria,” said Pengfei Yan, VP of engineering at HCFA. “By taking known good die from Efinix and combining it with an application processor and flash memory in a single SIP package we were able to meet our small footprint and low-power requirements.”

All Quantum cores from the Trion and Trion Titanium families are included in the RAP initiative. For more information on the Efinix RAP initiative, visit https://www.efinixinc.com/rap. In addition, Efinix will present an overview of the RAP initiative and will host a virtual trade show booth for discussions and Q&A, at the Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE) Forum on October 28th.