All the Work Tech That You’ll Need in the ‘New Normal’

The ‘new normal’ is all about changing our lifestyles as a result of what we’re learned, and what we’ve reflected on, during the period of lockdown we’ve all experienced this year. For the majority of workers, this means rethinking how they work – and what they do to make their lives more balanced between work and the things they love. And, whether that means working flexibly, working from home full-time, or working abroad, this means adjusting with new technology. This guide gives you insights into what tech you need for the new normal that we’re all getting used to.

Connectivity and Charging

Whether you’re planning on getting away to work form a different country in the future, or you’ve been inspired to take your laptop and your work documents to cafes around your local city for work, you need to be able to guarantee two things: connectivity, and charging. If you can ensure that you’ll have both, you’ll be good to work. So, the tip here is to make sure you have a power bank with you at all times, and your phone to use its hotspot or a dongle with internet access.

Smart Tech

It goes without saying that you’ll have a smartphone upon which you conduct much of your communication with your employees, your customers, and your clients. It’s from these devices that you’ll be connected to the outside world – even when you’re shopping for groceries, or driving your car. But the tech innovation that new normal employees really need is the smart watch – a simple, wearable device to keep you in the loop whatever you’re doing around the home.This simple comparison of all Apple Watches will help you narrow down your search to your specifications and requirements.

Ergonomic Planning

The world of ergonomic supplies is fascinating in its own right, but today we’re just going to be looking at why it’s important for your home working set-up – and which items you should invest in. Ergonomic design essentially makes sure that the tech that we use is as non-abrasive and simple as possible, and that it suits our bodies. That’s why there are ergonomic keyboards to help our hands, fingers, and wrists – and ergonomic mouses, to help us navigate easily on our computers. Use a laptop stand too in order to prop your computer in the perfect position when you work.


Finally, we’re all getting awfully used to the feeling of having a headset clamped to our skulls – we’re taking dozens of calls a day from home, and most of them require us to also have our hands free to type and to bring up data related to our calls. In the modern home-working set-up, it really is paramount that you have a headset to help you coordinate between communication and tasks all at once – helping you to better organize your day and complete your calls with greater panache and enthusiasm.

Make use of these four tips by investing in the technology that you need to power your home working set-up this winter and into 2021.