Mouser Sponsored STEM LAB Debuts at Ben Barber Innovation Academy

Mouser Electronics is supporting local teachers and students with technology grants to enhance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in Mansfield, Texas.

Each semester, Mouser supports the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) Education Foundation by funding grants for teachers to provide engaging opportunities for students. In late fall of 2020, the Mouser-sponsored fab lab made its debut, allowing students to use engineering principles to design and fabricate items with new computers and 3D printers. The lab’s vibrant green color palette creates an exciting and creative environment for its students. Featured in the lab are state-of-the-art 3D printers and electronic design equipment, as well as tools such as voltmeters and soldering irons.

“On behalf of the MISD Education Foundation, we are very appreciative to Mouser Electronics for their consistent support and generosity to make a direct impact on our STEM programs,” said Lynn Wilkie, Executive Director of the MISD Education Foundation. “Mouser has long been an outstanding example of what forward-thinking business and institutions can do to ensure our students will be prepared for the future.”

“We realize that today’s students can create solutions to problems that don’t even exist yet. By giving them the tools they need now, we are helping prepare them for whatever the future may hold,” said Kevin Hess, Mouser’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “Mouser has always demonstrated a dedication to improving education at every level. We are happy to help foster the minds of future engineers in our own community.”

Previously, Mouser supported Mansfield ISD by funding a drone grant for the Jerry Knight STEM Academy for educational programs. Other previous Mouser-funded grants have supported expanding makerspaces in MISD’s high school libraries and providing robotics kits to help students develop essential skills. 

Mouser’s commitment to education runs deep. For many years, it has been a major sponsor of FIRST Robotics at the local, state and international levels by supporting the robot-building competitions and local teams. Mouser is also a proud sponsor of the Shine Runners Racing Company from Mansfield’s Ben Barber Innovation Academy, a student group that builds and races solar-powered cars.