How are Businesses Utilizing Tech in 2022?

In the modern world of business, utilizing technology is an essential part of not only keeping pace, but continuing to innovate and carve a path within a fiercely competitive market. As technology continues to improve, it has the ability to impact more areas of business, not just in terms of general strategy, but within the day-to-day operations of companies too.

This means that like a business that fails to train their staff in new skills, a business that fails to keep up with technology trends will find itself falling behind, simply because the tools and efficiency at their disposal won’t be up to match with their competitors.

Of course, some businesses don’t necessarily need technology to succeed – and smaller businesses may find themselves priced out of the latest innovations – but even if that is the case, it’s wise to stay up to date so that you monitor the impact and act accordingly.

Read on to find out more about how businesses are utilizing tech in 2022.


Artificial Intelligence as a concept has been around forever in technological terms – with an impending AI revolution anticipated at some point within the future. This technology sits at the highest echelons of society’s understanding, and while there has been no AI revolution in business just yet, it undeniably provides a wide range of benefits to businesses.

Most modern businesses use a variety of software to make business operations smooth and optimized – and AI plays a huge role in continuing to improve these programs, both in terms of their functionality and efficiency. One area where it has had a huge impact is analytics. Accurately analyzing industry trends allows businesses to market more effectively, ensuring a better conversion rate and return on their marketing – as well as consumer trends, meaning that a business’s marketing can keep up with what consumers want. Businesses might even go as far as to send staff on something like one of these ai courses uk to learn how to work in collaboration with artificial intelligence to deliver the very best results for the company.


With technology and the associated software continuing to improve in performance over time, the hardware used to run these programs and functions needs to become better performing too – which is why seeing GPUs, or Graphics Cards, used by businesses is becoming a more and more common sight.

While mostly associated with gaming computers and the power required to run high-quality graphics, these devices can empower businesses in a number of ways, allowing them to use more resource intensive programs and making for more efficient computing.

Big brands now design Business Laptops with integrated GPUs, showing that they have become more mobile and suitable for general use.

Hybrid Working tools

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a huge shift in attitudes to working from home, with the lockdowns showing many that working from home is a way to increase productivity and general wellbeing. The fact that this was an initially abrupt change meant that new software and strategies were thrust into the spotlight almost immediately.

However, the trend shows no sign of going away, and this means businesses are investing in tools to make hybrid working optimized, with further integration of tools such as Zoom and Slack. Going forward, the ability to provide optimized and convenient hybrid working for potential employees could be a big drawer of talent.