RECOM extended its range of DC/DC Converters to 3W

RECOM extended its range of DC/DC Converters with a 3W version of their isolated RSH series in a surface-mount format with wide input ranges

The RECOM RSH3 DC/DC Converters are an addition to the successful RSH2 series featuring fully regulated, low-noise, and isolated 3W outputs in a surface mount package. The series features nominal inputs of 12V (9–18V) and 24V (18–36V), which are useful for battery or bus-powered systems, while the outputs available are 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, +/−12V, and +/−15V. The parts have short-circuit and overcurrent protection, and meet EN 55032 class A or B limits for input noise with a simple external filter. No minimum load is required, and the on/off control is standard.

RECOM extended version of DC/DC Converters

The RSH3 DC/DC Converters series operates from −40°C to over 80°C without derating, making the products suitable for demanding industrial, test and measurement, and transport applications.

The isolation rating is 2kVDC/60s (optionally 3kVDC/60s) with UL/IEC/EN 62368-1 certification. The parts are RoHS-3 compliant.

The RSH3 series comes in a compact, light-weight DIP14 SMD case, available in tube or tape-and-reel packaging. The parts may be IR-oven or vapor-phase reflow soldered using industry-standard JEDEC profiles.

Matthew Dauterive, the DC/DC Product Manager of RECOM, comments, “The surface mount RSH3 series builds on the success of our 2W version and provides extra power for isolated on-board DC rails in the mains and in the battery-powered equipment. The RSH3 will also find use in ground-loop isolation for industrial sensors and bus communication networks.”

The RSH3 DC/DC Converters series is available through all authorized RECOM distributors or can be availed by contacting the manufacturer directly. Samples can be requested via the RECOM website.

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