NeoCortec’s Wireless Mesh gets uprated protocol for reduced power, increased monitoring & stability

NeoCortec has announced the release of Version 1.5 of its NeoMesh Wireless Mesh protocol. The new software reduces power consumption, and improves monitoring and network stability.

In the new Wireless Mesh protocol, data packets can be aggregated which cuts power consumption per packet transported, or enables more packets to be delivered using the same overall power budget. V1.5 also introduces commands that provide an overview of the mesh network parameters and battery status, improving network monitoring. Finally, with this update, NeoCortec has increased the ruggedness of the network, creating best-in class reliability.

The NeoCortec NeoMesh wireless mesh networking protocol and software stack is optimized for ultra-low power operation, focusing on networks with many nodes, each of which is battery-powered. It is ideally suited for wireless sensor and actuator network installations where each device is required to send and receive small packets of data infrequently but with high reliability. In such applications, NeoMesh can enable the network to operate on small batteries for several years. Unlike most other mesh network technologies, NeoMesh is dynamic and scalable to thousands of nodes, with very few limits to network size or depth. It is also ‘self-healing’ since if a node fails, the system automatically re-routes the signal. Wireless operation reduces installed cost. NeoCortec communication modules are equipped with radio and the NeoMesh protocol, and can be easily integrated into a sensor or actuator.

“Creating a network is simple”, said Thomas Halkier, NeoCortec CEO, “simply switch on two nodes and you are up and running. As additional nodes are switched they will automatically join the existing network, and begin to expanding it both in number of devices and in range.”

Version 1.5 replaces previous versions of the protocol, and can be installed in all NeoCortec communication modules.  The updated version is available for download at: