ST Engineering announced Enhanced OT Network Segmentation

Radiflow and ST Engineering Partner to Enhance OT Network Segmentation & Compliance for the New CCOP Standard

This technology keeps OT networks segmented, isolating attackers, should a breach occur. “Protecting multi-facility organizations is critical to ensure continuous operation and compliance with the latest regulations, such as Singapore’s CCOP, said Ilan Barda, Co-Founder & CEO of Radiflow.

Radiflow, a global OT cybersecurity vendor that provides a unique combination of Intrusion Detection and Risk Management, announced a partnership with ST Engineering to secure OT facilities with a zone-security approach and tools to manage compliance for the new Singapore’s CCOP v2 standard. This will be displayed during the GovWare 2022 conference, allowing Singaporean entities and asset owners to automate their compliance credentials and ensure continuous streamlined operations.

While IT networks have maintained relatively strong cybersecurity posture to address rising ransomware attacks, OT facilities often lag behind, due to the reliance on multi-facility networks that host both modern and legacy devices. This has led to insufficient segmentation, allowing a hacker who breaches one area of an OT network to access critical data from all zones, even reaching across to remote facilities. By using zone segmentation technology, such as ST Engineering’s 5000 series Data Diode integrated with Radiflow’s OT IDS, attackers are isolated following a breach, unable to access data from other facilities or segmented networks.

OT facilities are in a unique position where market demands, regulatory requirements, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities put a 24-hour strain on equipment and operators. Organization’s security practitioners are unable to shut down operations to audit the network’s true cybersecurity posture. “The integration provides a one-box solution for full visibility into the organization’s OT assets, topology, system behavior, cyber-attacks, and breaches to OT cyber security policies,” said Goh Eng Choon, President, Cyber, ST Engineering.

Radiflow will also present its risk management tool CIARA with dedicated support for the CCOP v2 standard. With this first of its kind tool, utilities will be able to incorporate an actual digital image of their OT network and automatically assess their level of compliance to the CCOP standard, generate compliance status reports and plan their roadmap to reach full compliance. Cybersecurity teams can also use CIARA to “run” virtual cyber breach attack simulations to calculate threat likelihood and production loss scenarios.

The concerns raised by organizations have shifted from meeting compliance regulations to thwarting the onslaught of OT network attacks, said Ilan Barda, Co-Founder & CEO of Radiflow. “Protecting multi-facility organizations is critical to ensure profitability and compliance with the latest regulations, such as Singapore’s CCOP. This partnership will ensure secure data transfer between OT zones while maintaining the ‘air-gap’ between physically separated source and destination networks.”