Indium Corporation to exhibit at Electronics Packaging Technology Conference

Electronics Packaging Technology Conference

The upcoming Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC) event will feature presentations by two Indium Corporation experts. The conference, which takes place December 7–9 in Singapore, covers the complete spectrum of electronics packaging technology.

Senior Global Product Manager for Semiconductor and Advanced Materials, Sze Pei Lim, will deliver a presentation titled Low-Temperature Material for First-Level Interconnect in Semiconductor Packaging, which is an initiative under the iNEMI Packaging TIG and co-authored with colleagues from IBM Corporation, Nihon Superior Co. LTD., and others. The focus of the presentation is whether low-temperature materials (LTM) being used in other levels of electronics assembly could also be used for first level interconnects in semiconductor packaging, and if there is enough driving force for implementing this use. It includes not only the interconnects to the processor but also those to all the functional elements in the package of which the processor is a part.

R&D Sintering Project Manager, Demi Yao

R&D Sintering Project Manager, Demi Yao, will present findings from a paper titled Pressure Copper Sintering Paste for High-Power Device Die-Attach Applications. This presentation focuses on the development of a copper (Cu) sintering paste with high shear strength, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and positive reliability for high-power device die-attach applications. The paste is suitable for different metallizations, e.g., Au, Ag, and Cu. After more than 1,000 hours (250°C) aging and 3,500 cycles TCT (-40–175°C), the joints exhibited excellent performance without delamination. Shear strength increased with increased TCT cycles. This Cu sintering paste can be used for both dispensing and printing applications.