Graphiant & Rohde & Schwarz partner to deliver next-gen performance for Enterprise Connectivity

Graphiant taps into ipoque’s new OEM cloud-optimized VPP DPI engine for real-time application visibility at the edge for Enterprise Connectivity

ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company, announced that Graphiant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of next-generation edge services has selected ipoque’s new vector packet processing (VPP)-based deep packet inspection (DPI) software R&SvPACE to deliver real-time network intelligence for its newly launched Enterprise Connectivity solution.

Led by Chief Executive Officer Khalid Raza, Graphiant is revolutionizing enterprise connectivity services via the Graphiant Network Edge. This highly scalable and flexible networking solution delivers enterprise networks ‘as-a-service.’ The Graphiant Network Edge streamlines connectivity between the enterprise WAN, hybrid cloud, network edge, customers and partners. It combines the performance and security of private MPLS networks with the agility and last-mile flexibility of SDWAN to enable enterprises to build their networks faster and more efficiently.

Intelligence at the edge

The partnership between Graphiant and ipoque will see ipoque’s VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE provide real-time application awareness for the Graphiant Network Edge Service. Highly optimized for computing-intensive environments, R&S®vPACE combines statistical, heuristical and behavioural analyses with encrypted traffic intelligence to accurately identify and classify protocols, applications and services for IP traffic flows, including traffic that is encrypted, obfuscated, or anonymized.

The deployment of R&S®vPACE for the Graphiant Network Edge Service brings granular visibility as close as possible to the data source. Graphiant’s service guarantees end-to-end encryption and enables application-specific policies at the point where data is created, allowing policies to be converted to Graphiant policy metadata. This metadata within the Graphiant Stateless Core allows Graphiant to provide extended capabilities for application-based policies to deliver prioritization, geo-fencing, global private reachability and compliance.

The deployment of R&S®vPACE in the Graphiant Edge also creates a single inspection point and improves data transmission speeds. According to Ali Shaikh, Chief Product Officer of Graphiant, “Graphiant looks to partner with companies that provide high- performance services for the edge. The Graphiant and Rohde & Schwarz partnership allows us to combine application visibility and policy control at performance levels for the modern edge.”

As a cloud-optimized module, R&S®vPACE leverages Intel DPDK and the open-source VPP stack to bring DPI processing speeds to the next level. The VPP-based module boasts an improved average clocks-per packet ratio compared to scalar packet processing-based engines, leading to up to 3 times speedup. It also comes with a memory footprint of less than 400 bytes per 5-tuple connection and 700 bytes per network endpoint. “By offering a native VPP implementation that delivers superior performance while ensuring computing efficiencies, R&S®vPACE delivers a differentiation that puts it above all other DPI solutions in the market’, said Shaikh.

Building scalable, enterprise-grade networks for Enterprise Connectivity

As the number of remote workers, IoT devices, clouds, partners, and customer sites continues to grow, enterprise networks can become inundated with multiple, fragmented networks. Equipped with DPI-driven intelligence at the edge, Graphiant’s ‘as-a-service’ model not only cuts down the complexities and lead-times for deployment, but also ensures networks are managed intelligently and efficiently. “We are excited to merge our market-leading DPI expertise with Graphiant’s next-generation connectivity services which are transforming edge networks by combining performance, privacy and security in a scalable, usage-based service model. As a DPI technology developed with enterprise cloud computing needs in mind, R&S®vPACE will enable Graphiant to build highly responsive and secure networks optimized to the application and traffic needs of different edge networks,said Dr. Martin Mieth, VP Engineering at ipoque.