“Powering your sustainable innovation”: STMicroelectronics holds its 4th ST Industrial Summit 2022

ST, its customers, & partners will showcase more than 150 innovative demos & 35 in-depth technical sessions addressing Automation, Motor Control, & Power & Energy Applications

Differentiated sustainable technologies at the Summit address Green Energy Generation & Storage, Smart School, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Agriculture

STMicroelectronics will host its ST Industrial Summit 2022 at the Futian Shangri-La Hotel, in Shenzhen, China, on November 3.

A leader in industrial semiconductors, ST features a broad, innovative product portfolio with more than 20,000 products targeted at over 40 sub-segments. In its 4th year, under the theme of “Powering Your Sustainable Innovation,” the annual Industrial Summit will include a full range of leading-edge demonstrations together with insightful technical sessions presented by ST and its technical partners, sharing the complete ecosystem to power attendees’ next designs and innovations.

Innovations at 4 showstopper areas with sustainable technologies

Highlighting its 30+-year commitment to sustainability, ST’s main attraction for this year’s Summit are 4 showstopper areas that address Green Energy Generation & Storage, Smart School, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Agriculture. These areas feature more than 20 differentiated sustainable technologies.

Green Energy Generation & Storage: Supported by government mandates and investment programs, key infrastructures including electricity grids, clean public transport, and the transition to renewable energy are drawing increased attention. China is investing heavily to support this energy transition and the global commitment to carbon neutrality. ST’s green-energy technologies help customers increase energy efficiency and system reliability for all types of equipment in homes and buildings as well as across the different industrial sectors.

ST Industrial Summit 2022

At the ST Industrial Summit 2022, ST and its customers will demonstrate energy generation and storage solutions that include micro-inverters, 1-phase inverters, 3-phase inverters, energy storage, smart meters, and charging piles. Here ST’s advanced technologies include a full range of microcontrollers (MCUs), silicon carbide (SiC) devices packaged as power discretes and power modules, galvanic isolation gate drivers, and power metering and power-line communication (PLC) controllers. Having developed many of these demos, ST’s Industrial Competence Centers are also showing how they provide customers with system-level solutions.

Smart School: China is promoting smart education and encouraging universities to actively explore smart campus construction. At the Summit, visitors can experience a smart school equipped with intelligent and connected devices from ST customers and partners. These include a KNX connectivity platform, smart lighting, smart curtain, window pusher, environment detector, and thermostat. These solutions are based on ST’s product portfolio that includes STM32 MCUs, power-management components, a full range of motion, environment, and optical sensors, as well as wired and wireless connectivity technologies. ST’s competence brings these all along together in optimized products and solutions for customers.

Visitors can explore the latest generation robots. Examples include a Chinese chess AI robot and 2 robot dogs based on STSPIN motor drivers. These showcase how robots can accompany children and interact with them.

Smart Healthcare: Medical equipment for therapy and diagnostics are very often complex computer-controlled, electro-mechanical systems. These rely on advanced semiconductor technologies and components to help deliver healthcare in hospitals and doctor offices as well as in homes. Able to measure vital signs and take other readings, some of today’s medical and healthcare devices must also be able to deliver the high power required to supply magnetic resonance imagery or generate the precise high-voltage high-frequency pulses found in ultrasound equipment.

With its emphasis on quality and reliability, ST’s broad portfolio of devices, including discrete devices, low-power MCUs, motor drivers, image sensors, memories, MEMS sensors, thin-film batteries and analog, digital and mixed-signal ICs are suited to address healthcare applications.

ST and customers will demonstrate a range of medical and healthcare devices, including a ventilator, a high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device, a patient monitor, a handheld ultrasound device, a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, and an AED, among others.

Smart Agriculture: Smart agriculture is the future of modern farming and crucial to achieve sustainability. Bringing a full suite of connectivity options to drones, robots, and unmanned vehicles, supports adding artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things into the world of agricultural production. Whether on the ground, in the air, or underwater, connectivity makes agriculture smarter to ease work, raise yields, avoid catastrophes, minimize human labor, and reduce risk activities by humans.

ST’s broad portfolio of products, including MCUs, wireless and wired connectivity products, full range of sensors and actuators, as well as energy management, motor drivers and IPM, especially STM32WL’s LoRa network technology, makes development easy.

In the ST Industrial Summit 2022, ST and customers will showcase professional smart farming applications. For example, an agriculture drone and unmanned ground vehicle are smart partners of digitalized agriculture. And the industrial under-water ROV/drone is a professional and reliable partner for underwater emergency rescue, fishery breeding, and environmental protection inspection.

Demos from 3 ST Industrial Competence Centers

To provide our Industrial customers in Asia with strong and efficient support for their development activities, ST operates three dedicated Industrial Competence Centers. These focus on Motor Control, Automation, and Power and Energy. The competence centers’ expertise, highlighted in many of the demos, will be on display, too.

To experience even more attractions and demos from ST and its customers and partners, join ST Industrial Summit 2022 (November 3, 2022, in Shenzhen, China) livestreamed at https://content.st.com/Industrial-Summit-2022-Live-stream-EN-registration.html.