Indium Corporation Participated in NSW’s N4 Launch

With Expert Insights & Proven Indium12.8HF Microdispensing Paste

Indium Corporation’s expertise and proven products were featured at NSW Automation’s launch of its N4 Full-Range Solder Paste Micro-Dispenser during a special event in Penang, Malaysia.

Indium Corporation’s proven solder paste for jetting and microdispensing applications—Indium12.8HF—was featured in several demonstration machines at the event.

Indium12.8HF is a no-clean, halogen-free solder paste optimized for long-term jetting and microdispense applications. Indium12.8HF has proven to be useful in a wide range of applications requiring precision dot diameter/line width deposits down to 80μm, consistently achievable with NSW’s equipment.

Additionally, Indium12.8HF:

  • Meets IPC J-STD-004B with Amendment 1 ROL0 requirements
  • Offers exceptional electrical reliability
  • Minimizes graping and similar reflow issues with a unique flux oxidation barrier formulation
  • Delivers aesthetically pleasing clear residue with minimal flow-out
  • Provides minimal reflow spatter compared to similar solder pastes
  • Long working (syringe) life

Other Indium Corporation products were featured at the event, including the award-winning Durafuse LT, a low-temperature alloy technology, and its GalliTHERM portfolio of gallium-based liquid metal solutions, a new thermal interface materials (TIMs) product line that can be applied with jetting and microdispensing equipment for mass production.

Additionally, Associate Director for Global Technical Service & Application Engineering Jonas Sjoberg shared his technical expertise and insight on the importance of design for excellence and collaboration.

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