Rohde & Schwarz will showcase next gen Oscilloscope R&S MXO 4 at Electronica 2022

Rohde & Schwarz welcomes visitors back to its home town at the electronica 2022, the world’s leading electronics trade fair. The Munich based technology company will showcase a wide range of test and measurement solutions tailored to developers and test engineers at booth A3.307 on the Munich fairgrounds. The latest addition to the Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope portfolio, the new R&S MXO 4 series, will be given a special focus.

As a leading test and measurement technology company, Rohde & Schwarz will present a wide range of solutions for the development, verification and production of electronic devices at the electronica 2022 in Munich.

In focus: R&S MXO 4 oscilloscope

The next generation oscilloscopes of the R&S®MXO 4 series excel not only with a brilliant 13.3” full-HD capacitive touchscreen. The 4-channel oscilloscopes deliver a number of industry firsts that electronica 2022 visitors can experience first-hand. The new R&S MXO 4 features the world’s fastest real-time update rate of over 4.5 million acquisitions per second, letting development engineers see more signal details and infrequent events than with any other oscilloscope. The 12-bit analog digital converter in the R&S MXO 4 series has 16 times the resolution of traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes at all sample rates and no trade-offs for more precise measurements. A standard acquisition memory of 400 Mpoints on all four channels gives them 100 times the standard memory of comparable oscilloscopes.

Test solutions for diverse application fields from A to Z

At the Rohde & Schwarz booth, visitors can also experience the company’s wide range of applications for RF components, microwave components, analog designs, digital designs, EMC, wireless communications, mobile networks and automotive testing.


Rohde & Schwarz offers test solutions for all the leading automotive industry technologies that will eventually enable autonomous driving. Here are the highlights on display at electronica 2022:

• MultiGBASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet compliance testing with R&S RTO6 and R&S RTP oscilloscopes.

• Automotive radar object simulation with the R&S AREG800A and the R&S QAT100.

• ECU and TCU development and production testing.

• C-V2X testing from lab to field.

Electronic design

When designing and developing integrated circuit board architectures, electronics engineers face ever more complex challenges. At electronica 2022, Rohde & Schwarz showcases electronic design test solutions for numerous applications:

• Signal integrity interface and PCB/interconnect testing with the R&S ZNB vector network analyzer.

• DDR design verification, debugging and compliance testing with an R&S RTP oscilloscope and matching power rail probes.

• Power electronics testing, including battery simulation with the R&S NGU source measure unit and power EMI testing with the R&S RTO6 oscilloscope.

EMC testing

As a leader in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, Rohde & Schwarz has the following solutions on display to speed up certification:

• EMI pre-compliance testing solutions for conducted emissions with the R&S FPL1000 signal and spectrum analyzer and R&S ELEKTRA test software.

• EMI testing with 1 GHz real-time bandwidth using the R&S ESW EMI test receiver.

• Regulatory EMC and coexistence testing of medical electronics.

Mobile network testing

Private 5G networks, such as those in smart factories or campus networks, will enable new 5G technology use cases across all industries. Network performance is crucial to stable operations. Rohde & Schwarz will have mobile network testing solutions at electronica 2022 that support optimal quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) for human and non-human end-users such as machines, sensors and robots:

• 5G FR2 spectrum measurements using the R&S Spectrum Rider FPH handheld spectrum analyzer.

• 5G private network engineering and optimization with the R&S 5G site test solution.

RF and microwave components

The RF and microwave components of today and tomorrow must answer the latest challenges facing mobility, connectivity, data rates, robustness and power efficiency. Rohde & Schwarz helps design engineers with a comprehensive portfolio of testing solutions that ensure their products perform well. At electronica 2022, visitors can experience the following:

• RF component characterization in a single box with the R&S PVT360A performance vector tester.

• VCO and phase noise measurements with the R&S FSPN phase noise analyzer and VCO tester.

• Noise figure measurements of up to 67 GHz with the R&S ZNA67 vector network analyzer.

Wireless communications

Wireless communications are commonplace, but the technologies behind them are very complex. Rohde & Schwarz has a wide range of testing solutions that support the entire wireless ecosystem. At electronica 2022, visitors can see solutions for two trending technologies:

• 5G FR1 device testing in the lab with the R&S CMX500 5G one-box signaling tester.

• UWB FiRa™ certification testing with the R&S CMP200 radio communication tester.

Zurich Instruments: research and education

Research is crucial to tomorrow’s game-changing quantum technologies. Rohde & Schwarz addresses this emerging market along with other scientific and industrial research applications together with Zurich Instruments, a subsidiary since the company’s acquisition in 2021. At electronica 2022 visitors can learn more about:

• Quantum computing, from initial testing with Rohde & Schwarz general purpose test equipment to the final operation with tailored hardware and software solutions that use the quantum computing control systems from Zurich Instruments

• Material science applications with the MFIA from Zurich Instruments.

Rohde & Schwarz will be at electronica 2022 in hall A3 at booth 307 from November 15 to 18, 2022. For further information and to register for free tickets to the event, visit: