Buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey: Beginner’s Guide

Many Turkish cryptocurrency newcomers who are familiar with Bitcoin are surprised when they first come across Bitcoin Cash on their cryptocurrency journey. Other people find it on an exchange app, in a litepaper, or in the news. Their curiosity is increased by their initial discoveries. Many decide to buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey after conducting some study. The distinction between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is not immediately evident, though. This article will cover defining differences.

Are Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin the Same?

Is Bitcoin Cash the same as Bitcoin? This is one of the queries individuals in the process of deciding to buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey ask. Bitcoin Cash is not the same as Bitcoin. There are five things that set Bitcoin Cash apart from Bitcoin. These are market cap, transaction pricing, fees, transaction speed, and security. Let’s look at them in more detail below.

Speed of transactions

Transaction speed is the primary difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Because blocks may only contain about 1 megabyte of data, Bitcoin transactions move at a sluggish pace, processing 3 to 7 transactions per second as a result. However, Bitcoin Cash transactions happen quickly, which is supported by the block size increase from 1 MB to as much as 32 MB. As a result, they can handle more transactions per second, increasing capacity.

Price to buy Bitcoin or buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey

The cost of Bitcoin distinguishes it from Bitcoin Cash. It is crucial to understand the distinction if you wish to buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey. Because of its extreme volatility, the price of Bitcoin is greater. Its cost has ranged from under $20,000 to as much as $68,721.93. The price of Bitcoin Cash, in contrast, is lower than that of Bitcoin due to its lesser volatility. Its peak in the last year was $800, while its low was roughly $100.

Market cap

Market capitalization, sometimes referred to as market cap, is the sum of the values of all the coins of a particular type that have ever been minted. It is computed by multiplying the quantity of coins in circulation by the current value of a single coin. You should be aware of this additional distinction before deciding to buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey. As the cryptocurrency with the highest market cap, Bitcoin has a market valuation of roughly $400 billion. While only having a market worth of roughly $2 billion, Bitcoin Cash is still ranked among the top 30 cryptocurrencies.

Transaction costs

Transaction costs are greater for Bitcoin. This is due to Bitcoin’s limited block space, which renders it subject to competition. However, Bitcoin Cash has a negligible transaction cost. This is because it has a much higher capacity for block space.

Security when you buy Bitcoin or buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey

In contrast to Bitcoin Cash, which has less security, Bitcoin has more security. Because of the capped block size and concurrent transaction restriction, Bitcoin is kept more secure. On the other side, as a result of its larger block size and higher transaction volume, Bitcoin Cash has less security. Anytime you wish to buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey, you should evaluate this.


The primary distinctions between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have been examined in this article. You should keep this in mind if you want to buy Bitcoin Cash in Turkey.

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