Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates solutions for Particle Accelerators at IPAC’23 in Venice

Particle accelerators are a key element in much of today’s cutting-edge research, including fundamental scientific research or applied disciplines such as materials science or medicine. The 14th International Particle Accelerator Conference allows visitors to gain insight into the latest developments from around the world. Rohde & Schwarz exhibits a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that meet high precision particle accelerator requirements, address challenges in elementary particle research, particle therapy applications, material characterization, precise beam forming and monitoring as well as safe storage.

Particle Accelerators Conference

At the International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC’23 at the Venice Convention Centre in Venice, Italy, from May 7 to 12, test and measurement expert Rohde & Schwarz presents solutions specifically suitable for particle accelerators. At booth B7, visitors can learn about the latest phase-noise analyzers, oscilloscopes, high-power transmitters and amplifiers, RF power sensors and power meters for handling high energy signals and multi-GHz frequencies. Rohde & Schwarz specialists are on hand to explain how the instruments help with fundamental particle research by controlling and protecting research equipment or accurately capturing experimental results.

Christian Dille, Market Segment Manager Research & Universities at Rohde & Schwarz, explains: “Our curated portfolio of equipment for particle accelerators builds on our long-standing support for academic research as the birthplace of new knowledge and advanced industries. We are looking forward to meeting visitors at IPAC’23 and finding out how we can help them and their projects succeed.”

Products highlighted at the exhibition booth include the R&S FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester for precision measurement of synthesizers and oscillators. The instrument offers a frequency range from 1 MHz to 500 GHz with external mixers. The extremely high sensitivity and ability to measure pulsed sources make the R&S FSWP ideal for phase noise measurements of ultralow phase noise microwave and radio frequency (RF) signal sources, which are vital to the efficient and effective operation of any particle accelerator.

Oscilloscopes for synchrotron applications, such as pulsed lasers and continuous beam monitoring, are also on display at booth B7. The R&S RTO6 provides accurate measurements of pulse parameters and signal jitter by acquiring and downloading waveforms to a PC at rates of up to 100 Hz for comprehensive pulse analysis. These features support accelerator physics experiments which often require highly accurate measurements of pulse parameters or of timing jitter between two signals. The shape of RF pulses must be continuously monitored to prevent damage to klystrons or dipole magnets in an accelerator.

The R&S NRP family of RF power sensors and power meters is also ideal for various particle accelerator applications such as precisely measuring the power of RF system feeds, monitoring accelerators and beam operations, and testing power amplifiers. The portfolio covers thermal, average-diode and wide RF bandwidth diode sensors. Rohde & Schwarz experts explain the power measurement principles best suited to a specific measurement application.

To obtain today’s high-power RF sources with frequency ranges from 10 kHz to 50 GHz and power requirements in the 10 kW to 2 MW range, a series of vacuum tubes (tetrodes, klystrons, etc.) are combined with high-power VHF/UHF transmitters and amplifiers. The Rohde & Schwarz families of highly efficient transmitters and broadband amplifiers can meet these challenges and address demand with maximum amplitude and phase stability, minimal phase noise, high energy efficiency, a small footprint and modular design. The robust R&S THx9 broadcast transmitters, for example, only need slight modifications for use in particle accelerators.

Rohde & Schwarz experts demonstrate particle accelerator solutions at booth B7 at IPAC’23 in the Venice Convention Centre from May 7 to 12. For more information on equipment features, performance and applications, download the Rohde & Schwarz brochure Solutions for Particle Accelerators.

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