Ekkaa Electronics coming up with a core Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Unit in Noida

Ekkaa Electronics will soon be establishing a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Noida, Uttar Pradesh which will not only manufacture LED TVs but also other consumer electronics products like washing machines, Smartwatches, Hearables and TWS. With the establishment of the new facility, Ekkaa will move from assembly to core manufacturing of consumer electronics products.

To bring to reality the new facility, Ekkaa has announced an investment of Rs. 1,000 crore in the new manufacturing unit which is expected to be functional before August 15th 2023. To cater to the burgeoning export demand,Ekkaa will soon launch an export arm as well.

With India aiming to reach USD 300 billion worth of electronics manufacturing and USD 120 billion in exports by FY ‘26, supported by the vision of a USD 1 trillion digital economy by 2025, Ekkaa will further consolidate its position in this space and emerge as a force to reckon with.

Addressing a media gathering here at Delhi today, Sagar Gupta, Director, Ekkaa Electronics, said, “out of the proposed investment of ₹ 1,000 crores, 40% has already been aligned for land acquisition, construction, working capital, manufacturing and R&D. The remainder of the investment will be spaced out over six months towards R&D, Machinery and others. The infusion of funds will be a continuous process as we are not only increasing production capacity, but also expanding our product lines”.

“The new facility at Noida will have aninitial capacity to manufacture 500,000 units of LED TVs per month which will make the plant the largest facility in terms of capacity in the country with potential to ramp it up to 800,000 to 900,000 units per month in the next three years”, added Sagar Gupta. To begin with the new facility will have a workforce of 1500 employees with plans to ramp it up to 3000 over three years.

Currently, while on the one hand Ekka caters to the requirements of 150 pan-India and regional brands and exports to neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bahrain, the new facility and product lines will enable it to export to countries like Africa, the Gulf nations and over a period of time, to Europe and USA as well. At present, Ekkaa’s manufacturing unit at Sonipatproduces LED TVs with a capacity of 150,000 units, apart from manufacturing Free-To-Air Set Top Boxes with a headcount of about 1000 employees.

“In our current manufacturing facility at Sonipat, we make motherboards and plastic injection moulding for the LED TVs. However, going forward in the new plant, replete with machines like metal presses, backlight manufacturing facility for LED TVs, we have done a complete in-house integration comprising of design and manufacturing capabilities and marching towards core manufacturing of consumer electronics products”, says Sagar Gupta.

Having built its expertise and reputation in manufacturing world-class LED TVs, Ekkaa has trained its guns on other display products like commercial, interactive, outdoor, education displays, touch panels, gaming monitors, office monitors and the likes which are currently imported.