Analog Devices Deploys SambaNova Suite

Analog Devices global semiconductor leader, and SambaNova Systems, makers of the only purpose-built, full-stack AI platform, announced that ADI is deploying SambaNova Suite to spearhead its global AI transformation, making AI pervasive enterprise-wide.  

ADI is synonymous with innovation, and we have a legacy of technology leadership in bridging our physical and digital worlds for the benefit of our planet and its people,” said Alan Lee, Chief Technology Officer at ADI. “We achieve this by collaborating with our customers, providing them with technical expertise, support, and resources to help them overcome their toughest challenges. We are working with SambaNova Systems, pioneers of cutting-edge AI solutions, to rapidly deploy their enterprise-scale generative AI platform toward enabling our customers’ success.”

As part of the initial deployment, ADI will leverage the SambaNova Suite to accelerate field sales and customer enablement across its business. For example, ADI plans to leverage the technology to streamline access to its extensive data sheets, helping inform recommendations in the field, and deepen its customer connections.

Our efforts with ADI reinforce our vision that a complete software and hardware AI stack is the right answer for today’s enterprise. This is true market validation of our product direction,” said Rodrigo Liang, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SambaNova Systems. “The SambaNova Suite solution offers a quicker way for ADI to deploy generative AI enterprise-wide with global impact. We’re delighted to be working together.”

SambaNova Suite is the first full stack, generative AI platform, from chip to models, for the enterprise. Delivered on-premises or in the cloud, the SambaNova Suite is a fully integrated platform offering state-of-the-art open-source models, which can be fine-tuned using customer data for greater accuracy. Customers retain model ownership in perpetuity, so they can turn generative AI into one of their most valuable assets.

Generative AI adoption in the enterprise will be accelerated by more complete offerings that avoid costly and lengthy integration while also providing data privacy and model ownership to enable investment protection and high ROI,” said R “Ray” Wang, Founder and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “Seeing generative AI moving beyond experimentation to enterprise use cases signals the next wave of market maturity has begun.”

The global deal being announced today is a significant technological advancement for the industry,” said Marshall Choy, Senior Vice President of Product at SambaNova Systems. “The work we are doing with ADI showcases SambaNova’s integrated software and hardware capabilities within enterprise-scale environments. ADI is a power user of innovation among the Fortune 500, truly underscoring our technology’s potential.”

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